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    I bought an 8GB micro-sd for another phone. For grins I tried it in my Sprint Touch, to my surprise it worked fine. The Sprint and HTC sites said 4GB max. I upgraded to WM 6.1, guess that made the difference. Anyone tried anything larger? Maybe 16 or 32? I'm not a big music fan but listen to podcasts while traveling.

    We have Fry's Electronics here. They have an 8GB micro-sd card, usb reader, sd converter, mini-sd converter all for 19.95 or for $40 in store. I ordered for in store pickup and got it for 19.95.

    02-24-2009 09:56 PM
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    I upgraded close to a year ago, but I just saw there there was an official release for going from WinMo 6 to 6.1. Below are the details including ability to read up to 16GB cards.

    XV6900 Upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1
    An upgrade for the XV6900 from Windows Mobile 6 to Windows Mobile 6.1 is now available. New features include a much faster EVDO upgrade to Rev A and improved Internet Explorer web browser.

    New Features:
    • Upgraded OS to Windows Mobile 6.1
    • Added EVDO Rev A capability
    • Updated the MMS client to be compatible with WM 6.1
    • Added Microsoft Remote Desktop Application
    • Added capability to use VzNavigator application.
    • Added capability to read micro SD card of up to 16GB memory.
    10-16-2009 03:26 PM
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    Holy S, I just looked at the date on there and no response, I think LLC and I are the only ones using this area right now.
    10-16-2009 03:27 PM