1. jake1email's Avatar
    Does anyone know of any good ways to connect the touch to the car radio to play music files. Having a display on the car radio of the file would be a plus.
    03-30-2009 09:22 PM
  2. gottago's Avatar
    I use a cassette adaptor with a 2.5" to 3.5" and it works pretty well. The only downside would be the wires but I have heard that the wireless fm transmitters are hit and miss.

    03-31-2009 08:02 PM
  3. fabrijack's Avatar
    All of the new Ford vehicles with the Sync system do exactly what you are asking. My touch will link thru bluetooth to the Ford Edge and play anything in my music folder. It shows artist, song, etc..
    Any of the Pioneer in dash units with bluetooth will do this also. I would assume other brands will as well but I don't have personal experience with them.
    I use the cassette adaptor that came with my xm radio to feed into one of my vehicles, good sound, no info on the radio though.
    07-30-2009 10:20 AM
  4. teckels's Avatar
    Rather than buy a new car I would go with the cassette adaptor, works fine for me.
    10-14-2009 08:06 AM
  5. gottago's Avatar
    I recently found that the MOTOROKR T505 - Motorola works very well. It is a Bluetooth Hands Free Speaker with a Wireless FM transmitter so audio from the connected phone will play through your car stereo. It is rechargeable and portable. Cost is around $50-$60 depending where you buy. I have been very impressed with the FM transmitter. I get no crackling, static, etc. For me, a charge will last a month or more. And best of all no more wires (that's my OCD talking)!
    10-14-2009 08:56 AM
  6. xd1936's Avatar
    I've also heard good things about the BB Gateway:

    And, you'd be supporting Smartphone Experts!
    10-14-2009 02:25 PM