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    Does anyone know of ways to consistently unlock the GPS? I started with this, XDA and at some point Verizon switched their GPS numbers or whatever. Now they say the only way to get it back is to do a hard reset. If I fiddle and reset using *22899 I can get it to work, but then the next day it won't work again. Fiddling can take up to 10-15 minutes and sometimes doesn't even work, so not something I can see myself doing everyday or even trying when I'm in a jam, I would just go to a gas station. Let me know if you have worked on this? I actually just started posting to win the Verizon Touch Pro so I don't have to mess with this anymore.
    10-14-2009 08:20 AM
  2. xd1936's Avatar
    Have you upgraded your ROM with another GPS-capable radio?
    10-14-2009 02:22 PM
  3. teckels's Avatar
    Yeah, sorry I forgot to mention I'm on radio: 3.37.77 updated to windows 6.1 mr2 i believe. I've had gps working in the past.
    10-14-2009 03:23 PM
  4. xd1936's Avatar
    Two questions:
    1. Is that the Verizon Radio?
    2. Have you messed with QPST, and the aGPS Server settings?
    10-14-2009 04:11 PM
  5. teckels's Avatar
    Thanks for getting back.

    1. Yes, MR3
    2. I have changed these settings.

    For Valhalla:
    HKLM\Software\Valhalla Legends\GPSServer\Mode = 2
    HKLM\Software\Valhalla Legends\GPSServer\PDEAddress = 5C8BC6D8
    HKLM\Software\Valhalla Legends\GPSServer\PDEPort = 8889

    HKLM\Software\HTC\SUPL AGPS\EnableAGPS = 1
    HKLM\Software\HTC\SUPL AGPS\GPSMode = 4
    HKLM\Software\HTC\SUPL AGPS\ServerIP =
    HKLM\Software\HTC\SUPL AGPS\ServerPort = 8889

    And it has worked, part of my tweaking to get it right I change the GPSServer\Mode to 0 then back to two and it works or sometimes it works on 0.
    10-15-2009 08:22 AM
  6. xd1936's Avatar
    Yes, those settings are in the registry, but deep in your phone's radio, there's still settings that restrict GPS, if I understand correctly. To get unrestrained GPS:

    1. Make sure your phone is unlocked with CoKe's 2.31 (http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=20370) bootloader.

    2. Install a stock ROM from another carrier (http://forums.wmexperts.com/showthread.php?t=175461) that has a new radio in it
    I recommend Sprint's ROM (ftp://up.ppcgeeks.com/Vogue/Users/dh..._2.04_Ship.exe)

    3. When that ROM's done flashing, DO NOT ALLOW CUSTOMIZATIONS TO RUN.
    Just don't even let the device start up after that. Put it right back into bootloader mode.

    4. Flash the ROM of your choice. I like the making my own from the PPCKitchen (http://ppckitchen.org)

    5. After the device boots up, follow the instructions on this thread to use QPST and change the radio settings (then you'll never have to mess with the registry):

    That's what I did, and I've had GPS working for about a year now! No problems at all.
    Be careful, and happy unlocking!
    10-15-2009 09:29 AM
  7. teckels's Avatar
    Thank you LLC, very clear, I just hate starting over.
    10-16-2009 09:44 AM
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