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    Hi everyone,

    So Telus will be launching the Lumia 800 very soon and as a proud WP user currently residing in Canada I do not want to see Nokia's beautiful flagship Lumia 800 fail not in my backyard so this is how I think TELUS and future WP carriers should market the beatiful Nokia Lumia handsets.

    1. Display units

    A walked into my local Rogers store over the weekend and inquired about the Lumia 710. They have it in stock but they are waiting for a demo plastic and there isn't one single banner promoting the phone. This is horrible Rogers and Nokia need to address this soon why cant we have cool Nokia launches like how they launched the device in Ireland, Finland, UK and the US this is ridiculous Nokia Lumia needs better marketing.

    For the Lumia 800 launch what I would like to see is 3 live demo units stored in a glass case. TELUS needs to show off all 3 colors Black, Cyan and Magneta with live tiles and a pre-built operating system for people to play around and use. Lets face the facts nobody is interested in a dull WP handset why bother the phone needs to be alive for people to take notice.

    2. Provide a different experience

    So I talked about 3 different units Black, Cyan and Magneta. What Nokia needs to do is provide a different experience with each model showcasing what you can do with a Nokia Windows Phone. So for example

    Black Lumia can represent Business phone. Preload business like apps such as MyStocks, Currency Coverter, any financial and bookeeping apps. Also showcase Microsoft Office with Outlook, Calendar, Office 365, Skydrive, Linkdn integration and showcase Nokia Drive. The Black Lumia can be catered as a business driven handset.

    Cyan Lumia can represent a Entertainment phone. Have Twitter, Facebook and MSN messenger preloaded. Also have a few Xbox Live games and Zune Pass ready for demo. Also preload live tile apps that cater to entertainment and social networking such as ESPN, Netflix and other entertainment apps with Live Tiles. The Cyan Lumia can be catered as a entertainment handset.

    Mageneta Lumia can represent a handset built for the ladies. Have all the social networking integration ready to go. Preload apps that women like such as Cocktail flow, All Reciepes, Yelp etc and have apps such as KiK, Whatsapp etc preloaded. With the beatufiul Magneta colors Women will be attracted to this phone if they can capitalize on this the Magneta handsets should fly off the shelfs.

    3. Add bundles

    Just to get things moving add bundles I am going to include 3 bundles which I think will sell very well.

    1. Business bundle. Buy a Nokia Lumia and get a Windows Laptop for free with 3 months of Office 365.

    2. Entertainment bundle. Buy a Nokia Lumia and get 1 years worth of Zune Pass with Nokia Monster Headphones

    3. Gaming bundkle. Buy a Nokia Lumia and get a Xbox 360 Arcade unit with 3 months worth of Xbox Live


    I think this is a great way to introduce Nokia and Windows Phone to everybody. Not only it gets your average joe to play around with the platform it can also showcase the power of the Windows/Microsoft ecosystem.

    What do you guys think let me know.


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    02-20-2012 10:20 PM
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    Nice write up lets hope Microsoft and Nokia are listening.
    02-21-2012 06:03 AM