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    By HTC...

    The rumored HTC OneX+ is coming to T-mobile and is going to have the same awesome things as the One X but also.

    1-Jelly Bean out of the box
    2-An integrated ship for clearer Voice quality
    3-A crazy Quad-Core LTE processors (Both things couldn't be together for a time)
    4-32GB of memory.

    And here's the kicker, it's rumored to be of various colors. T_T
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    09-27-2012 07:37 AM
  2. andrelamont's Avatar
    ...and why is HTC making a One X+ so soon after the original version. It was released on May 6, 2012!

    What a message to send to users! In X months you'll have another version so you should just wait. Anything that makes a phone consumer pause and wait is not a good thing

    Will they do the same with the 8X series? Knowing HTC...probably

    09-27-2012 08:28 AM
  3. PG2G's Avatar
    Will be interesting to see how Tegra3+ compares to the standard Tegra3. Kind of seems weird for it to exist, when you consider we normally see the new Tegra early in the year. I guess they did it to get LTE in.
    09-27-2012 08:31 AM
  4. Heron_Kusanagi's Avatar
    Cannibalism of similar product lines. Have fun HTC.
    09-27-2012 08:35 AM
  5. Winterfang's Avatar
    .Anything that makes a phone consumer pause and wait is not a good thing

    That's pretty much WP8 in a nutshell.

    The secrecy is getting to the point is become annoying. We saw the phones, just let us buy them.
    09-27-2012 08:38 AM
  6. Garrett92C's Avatar
    Actually, the HTC One X+ is currently rumored to not come to T-Mobile. Yes, there was a leaked pic of one recently, but the device was apparently removed from T-Mo's roadmap before that. The pic is probably of a unit they were using for testing.

    No one knows for sure though.
    09-27-2012 01:16 PM
  7. EvanKr's Avatar
    People just need to become aware of Windows Phone. I've told many friends about it and I usually get the reaction of "I tried a Windows Mobile phone once, and it was crap".

    First off the bat, people need to know that WP is not WM. Next, people need to get their hands on a 920 or 8X and see how nice the design is, and how slick and smooth the OS is. WP is what the iPhone ecosystem should've been, it's fast and well optimized, easy to use yet efficient and time saving, and there's tons of hardware to choose from.

    My parents have enough trouble trying to figure out their Lumias and their iPads, I can only imagine the **** hole that Android would be for them. While it's great for customization, the learning curve is just too steep, and I think that it applies to a lot of people. Android is awesome, but not for everyone; more people need to try WP.
    09-27-2012 10:10 PM
  8. brmiller1976's Avatar
    Android handsets iterate fast, and that makes them VERY slick.

    I picked up the Galaxy S III to add to my collection, and it's FAR better than the iPhone 5... and was released three months earlier than the 5, to boot.

    Rapid innovation is a GOOD thing.

    As for why they're releasing the One X+ on T-Mo, it's probably because AT&T has an exclusive on the original One X, and the original One X doesn't support AWS bands.

    T-Mobile's all-in with Android, too. Windows Phone is part of their "plan B" and something different they'll offer to people who don't like the Galaxy S III (their "hero phone") or the HTC One series devices.

    I see nothing wrong with HTC hedging their bets, myself.
    09-27-2012 10:13 PM
  9. Winterfang's Avatar
    Well if the OneX+ comes in that Volt Green, then Sorry Windows Phone 8, that device will be too hot for me not to jump in.
    09-27-2012 11:34 PM
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    Already know this thread isn't going to go anywhere

    09-28-2012 03:05 AM