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    I know there are people asking about waiting until black Friday. I found a good deal if you're buying a laptop, tablet, or E-reader on black friday. Best Buy is giving 100$ off those things when you buy a new
    'Mobile broadband device"(includes phones?) with a contract (Sprint/Verizon only). 60$ Kindle fire with a 30$ giftcard anyone?

    Also Walmart is giving 100$ off of "select smartphones" with a note excluding iPhone. If it includes the WP8 phones thats a 100$ giftcard.

    Wal-Mart will match any deal so if they won't honor the 100$ gift card on WP devices you can use the Best Buy deal and get a tablet, laptop, or e-reader too. iPad 2 for 399$ with 100$ off and get a 75$ gift card :D that's an iPad for 225$ if they are still in stock. Maybe they will just give you a 100$ giftcard anyway.

    I haven't looked at many other stores for those kinds of deals.
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    Thanks for the post!

    Only issue is that Best Buy does not consider phones to be mobile broadband devices. The devices they are taking about are "jetpack" hotspots and the like.

    Still, not a terrible deal for some!
    11-14-2012 11:05 PM