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    It has been almost 2 years since MS acquired the Nokia devices division. While there have been quite a few mid and budget level phones released there has yet to be a flagship device released. so the next one that MS releases will be their first. And judging by past performance, with no official announcement about a flagship we are at least 6 to 7 months away from one being available for consumers.
    Microsoft has however realized that the decision to acquire Nokia was a visionary move but ended up being one of their biggest failures. Microsoft too has made one error in judgement in the recent times, and the acquisition of Nokias mobile phone division was one such mistake that they made. The mistake cost them a lot! Over 7.6 billion USD and 7,800 jobs to be precise.
    The word around the insider circle suggests that there are already two bids for the Nokia purchase and Motorola and Xiaomi have shown interest in the deal. Microsoft selling Nokia might come as no shock now as it is better to get rid of an organ that is cancerous than to try and heal it over a long period of time, inflicting pain upon ones own self.
    Should we really be that willing to believe Mr. Nadella about that elusive first flagship from MS???????????
    07-22-2015 11:32 AM

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