10-18-2015 11:48 PM
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  1. romancos's Avatar
    We'll have to wait and see.
    09-28-2015 07:40 AM
  2. Simon Hinton's Avatar
    I'm waiting to see how the camera stacks up more than anything, though I truly hate how Lumia Camera 5 (and now Windows Camera) handles image processing.

    If it's a marginally improved camera (as that's exactly what I'm expecting; the 1520/930 sensor with tweaked lenses,) I hope Samsung releases a Galaxy S6/Edge/+/Note for Windows and supplies their own camera app. As it stands, ever since LC5 I've hated my 1520, and as it stands, the best Lumia camera in the world can't make up for the **** Windows Camera will do to the photos captured...
    Have you got any more details? I'm just about to upgrade from my Lumia 900 (essentially no image processing, good god the noise) and I've always been weary of the "watercolor" appearance of Pureveiw imagery after the 920. Not sure if that's still an issue, or if W10 Mobile (or Lumia Camera) makes it worse.
    09-28-2015 07:48 AM
  3. ScubaDog's Avatar
    The camera is NOT as good as the 1020 (20mp vs 41mp) so you can't make that claim. Also, they could add 1GB of memory and have the "best specs" if you count the camera. Many of us do NOT buy smartphones based on specs, unless there's a specific one (like the camera). We look at the entire package: responsiveness of user experience, apps, DESIGN, storage, etc. These do NOT qualify as flagships as far as I'm concerned. The specs are on par with competitors, and the camera is sub-par compared to the 1020. And Windows 10 Mobile is the worst operating system ever. I've been testing it since they made the OS available and there is simply nothing good I can say about it compared to Windows Phone 8.1. Nothing.
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    09-28-2015 07:49 AM
  4. ScubaDog's Avatar
    I can tell you, having been testing W10Mobile for a while now, that the system is SLOOOOWWWWW (I hope you like seeing "resuming" and "loading" a LOT), the native apps are all half-baked, and you can't FIND anything on this OS. Oh, and texting is inconsistent. I can't tell you how many times I've sent a text--or been told someone sent ME one--that never arrived at its destination. Cortana is so incredibly disappointing on W10M, too. HUGE delays in getting any sort of response, I almost always here the "thinking" sound between every step she takes on a given task. On my 1020 I have Cortana set to "always on", so I use her more than anything else. But it's completely useless in W10M.
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    09-28-2015 07:57 AM
  5. Raman1234's Avatar
    I am fine with 950 and like 5.2 inch screen as well
    09-28-2015 08:23 AM
  6. isaac lee ishida's Avatar
    Daniel Rubino was told "I can tell you that no" 1030 "or" 1040 "is currently planned. That was a thing to differentiate Nokia. Sorry!".

    In my opinion, if Microsoft really wants to differentiate Lumia (Nokia) and Lumia (Microsoft), please change your Lumia phone designs.
    Microsoft does not realize that there are no significant differences between the Lumia (Nokia) and Lumia (Microsoft).
    Please change your Lumia design, because it is getting boring and outdated. Use the buttons on the screen is very suffocating.
    Samsung galaxy 6 Edge has a curve on the side of the screen, that their identities. And LG G4 has a curve in the middle of the screen.
    While Microsoft is only remained dull and there's nothing identity marks for Lumia Microsoft.

    Polycarbonate for Body material that is "Nokia thing", Oreo at back cover for camera hump also "Nokia thing" and PureView technology still "Nokia thing".
    So what it is "Microsoft thing???" what Microsoft identity???

    Microsoft soon will be introduced Lumia 950 and 950XL, although it microsoft product, but still using a Nokia Lumia design.
    The fact Lumia Microsoft still living in the shadow of the Nokia brand. If want make a difference, please do it thoroughly.
    Where is your designer team? Dear Panos Panay please save this Lumia Brand, because they getting boring and old fashion.
    Microsoft should look at Acer Predator 6, Samsung galaxy 6 Edge or LG G4 design...that what we want.

    What i talking is about Phone Design, Phone shape and Phone materials. Not about sofware or hardware. So don't said live tiles is "Microsoft thing".
    09-28-2015 09:11 AM
  7. infinitelurker's Avatar
    You can't simply compare megapixels and say the camera is not as good. Internals matter. Wait and see what quality reviewers say about the camera before labeling it as not as good as the 1020.
    09-28-2015 09:11 AM
  8. Steve Adams's Avatar
    You can't simply compare megapixels and say the camera is not as good. Internals matter. Wait and see what quality reviewers say about the camera before labeling it as not as good as the 1020.
    I agree, to a point. At this point for pure PHOTO use, nothing touches the 1020. Yes Samsung and apples phones have cool gimmicks like slow mo cameras, etc, and yes they may be faster, BUT, NO picture I have seen from another phone looks a pleasing as ones from the 1020. Just how it is.
    09-28-2015 09:35 AM
  9. Chris 6's Avatar
    Hey Ben I am using the 930 on AT&T and it works great no issues at all so far, best windows phone I have ever used.
    09-28-2015 09:41 AM
  10. Peter Langenkamp's Avatar
    It's true that megapixels don't tell the whole story, but that's not all we know. Assuming the renders we've seen up till now are correct, these new phones won't have xenon flash, essential for capturing moving people or objects in low light. Also, the phones are thinner, which leaves less room for the optics and limits the sensor size. Furthermore, less pixels means less 'lossless' zoom, less (if any) oversampling and less maximum resolved detail (although to be fair the 1020's doesn't fully utilize the sensor in this regards, with blurring in the photos' corners resulting from the lens)
    09-28-2015 09:47 AM
  11. Krystianpants's Avatar
    agreed the lumia camera app was brilliant, however the windows 10 update (TP) forces you to use the Windows camera app which makes the photos horrible and washed out. rolled back 8.1 immediately on my Lumia 1020
    My windows 10 mobile forces me to use Lumia Camera. I can't change it to Microsoft and have a separate tile for it. There are times when I want to use the MS one. For the most part the Lumia one is better.

    09-28-2015 10:41 AM
  12. Viipottaja's Avatar
    09-28-2015 10:48 AM
  13. 0neder's Avatar
    As an industrial designer, what first attracted me to the Lumia 800, 900, and most recently 1020 was the industrial design. A lot of people here can tell the leaked renders don't look prem ium, but don't specifically talk about WHY. I would like to get into the details on that.

    No Curved Glass:
    Lumia 800 was the first curved glass smartphone. Curved glass feels comfortable and achieves the disappearing bezel look. Apple has now used this on the Watch and iPhone, and MS is walking away from it? Why? This screen edge looks identical to that on a cheap $100 smartphone.

    No Unibody
    A flagship phone does not have a pop-off panel that comes off when you drop it. My wife ruined her 635 and 730/830 by dropping it because of the cheap removable panel. I have dropped my unibody matte white Lumia 1020 about 50 times with no case on asphalt and other rough surfaces. It took about 50 for the angle to be just right for the screen to crack. The corner design is what protected it the previous 49 times.

    Unimproved Camera Hump
    The hump isn't bad per-se, but it allows the phone to rock when a case is not used. Huawei solved this elegantly in their new Nexus 5 flagship. It seems Microsoft didn't think much about how they could continue to improve their (Nokia's) previous nice efforts like the 1520, 1020, 920, etc.

    Horribly tacky metal trim ring around camera lens(950)
    This looks like a blackberry or droid element from 2005 and has nothing in common with anything that people loved about past Lumias.

    Now if Microsoft had bothered to keep at least one or two of the major vestigial features people loved about previous Lumia flagships, I would still be a shoe-in for the new flagship. BUT, they seem to have eliminated every one of these great features, so if I am not pleasantly surprised when I handle one in store, then I will be reluctantly going to Apple (I like the Nexus 5 but hate Android and am skeptical of Huawei's camera chops).
    09-28-2015 11:05 AM
  14. Jordan_Musser's Avatar
    I was skeptical at first but I think with it being 7mm thick it looks like a stealth device. I won't really know until I get one in my hands but I do seem to like the pics thus far. As for the camera sticking out of the backend... They all do it. iPhone 6, 6+, 6s and 6s+, Galaxy S5, S6, S6 edge, S6+ S6 Edge + and now the Lumia's. The thought is users will put a case on the device and that will create the even layer when laying the device on a flat surface. I for one do not like having a case and can agree with you that the camera hump does stink. But it is the norm these days, especially with the types of cameras that are going into the devices now.
    I love Continuum and what that has to offer.
    I am skeptical now at the Windows Hello feature it states in the revelead doc's the other day - Facial Recognition? We were all under the assumption it would be an iris scanner.
    32gb is a nice place to start off especially with so many cloud services adding additional storage elsewhere. however it would still be nice to see a place for an SD card.
    USB c is nice unfortunately the S6 + and the S6 Edge + are still using micro USB and Apple is still using it's lightning charger. Will the general public be inclined to go to a device that has it's own charger for the time being?
    09-28-2015 11:12 AM
  15. tmoore71's Avatar
    They seem to follow the design of the 930. I would prefer something along the lines of the 925, but that's just me. I'll withhold judgement until I actually see the new devices.
    mariusmuntean and steve_w_7 like this.
    09-28-2015 11:19 AM
  16. madapo's Avatar
    For me, the design of both phones is terrible, because they even look cheap.
    iggim, mariusmuntean and steve_w_7 like this.
    09-28-2015 11:59 AM
  17. John M Beauchemin's Avatar
    The high res screen needs the extra power though.
    For sure. That's only a few hundred vertical pixels shy of my 30" desktop monitor's screen resolution. That's insane for a 5" or so screen.

    *edit: I'm honestly baffled by all the complaints about the design. It looks like every other smartphone on the planet to me. Maybe it's because I don't really pay attention to phones so I'm not attuned to the subtleties of design, but it looks to me like everyone is throwing a fit over nothing. There's nothing 'new' about this design, but there's also nothing bad or weird about it, imo.
    Last edited by John M Beauchemin; 09-28-2015 at 12:43 PM.
    09-28-2015 12:27 PM
  18. cdb033's Avatar
    I didn't like the design at first, but now its starting to grow on me. I see the advantage of having a removable cover, but I don't like the idea design wise. I'm trying to reserve judgement until I'm able to hold the product in my hands. I know for sure that I'm getting the XL version, but after spending time with my Lumia 1520 it has spoiled me greatly!! I've held and played with the 640XL while comparing it size wise to my 1520 and it seems small and toy-like. If this is the same footprint, I know that I'll feel cheated out of screen space. I truly love the 1520 in all of its glory. Too bad the screen size was cut to 5.7.
    09-28-2015 12:50 PM
  19. Krystianpants's Avatar
    For sure. That's only a few hundred vertical pixels shy of my 30" desktop monitor's screen resolution. That's insane for a 5" or so screen.

    *edit: I'm honestly baffled by all the complaints about the design. It looks like every other smartphone on the planet to me. Maybe it's because I don't really pay attention to phones so I'm not attuned to the subtleties of design, but it looks to me like everyone is throwing a fit over nothing. There's nothing 'new' about this design, but there's also nothing bad or weird about it, imo.
    It's because people think this is Microsoft's crazy phone that will change everything. But it's for fans. Packed with goodies and made durable so these goodies don't break easily. But honestly latest pics make it look decent and swappable cover means you can get covers that likely use different materials as long as the dimensions fit. Ones that are glossier or whatever people like. It's customizable. To me it's mostly the choice of colours. For example this device would not look so great if it was a loud plain colour. But they chose such a nice colour and the shiny aspect makes me want something in this colour.

    aXross likes this.
    09-28-2015 01:56 PM
  20. mariusmuntean's Avatar
    you expect an Android user or iphone user to switch when they see these? :))) what a joke. I have switched to wp when 930 was released, then I bought a 1520, but these? no thanks, I ain't gonna spend over 700 euros on these. there are true flagships, gorgeous devices that stand out in front of these two: s6 edge, s6, xperia z5, iphone 6,6s, note 5. It's not the fact that these are polycarbonate, I could care less about the material used, but the overall design and blending look cheap made. poor design, very poor. and the OS, well spending such money on a phone with a beta OS...because let's be honest, MS ain't gonna finish the OS until these are launched, it's not gonna do it. bad OS, simply horrible, lack of quality in apps, ohh continuum...for me it's not a wow factor, I wouldn't be using it anyway, I do not need it, iris scanner? no thanks, I have better things to do than to stare at the phone and wait for it to unlock the screen:)). I am not even using the touch id on my iphone to unlock it...specs? yes those are nice but, when I am looking at the phone I am seeing the design first, not the specs, and potential users, most of them will see also the design first which really does not stand out.
    steve_w_7 likes this.
    09-28-2015 02:33 PM
  21. mariusmuntean's Avatar
    windos 10 is a beta OS even on PC, but some refuse to admit it, some fanboys...on mobile yes, win10 is the worst that could happen, slow, very slow, apps are not even half baked, store app is a total joke, groove music is again a fail, and the 3rd party apps most of them, were updated over a year ago, with worse quality than the same apps on ios and android.
    I was really looking forward to windows 10 when they announced it, but after testing it on my last wp device, 1520, up to build 10512, I have to say it's a terrible experince, 8.1 was simply flying on my 1520, everything was working as I wanted, but 10...so close to launch date and it still works like an alpha OS. I have heard many thoughts at my workplace about this subject, no one is xcited about either windows 10 mobile or these so called flagships...here people are using s6, s6 edge, iphones, xperia phones...they will upgrade but for sure not to these...and about windows 10 PC, MS made the best thing launching it :))) this way more will love windows 8.1 :))
    09-28-2015 02:46 PM
  22. neelagopi's Avatar
    Where are your statistics on inferior storage? Moto X Style has a microSD card slot and has an option for 64GB of in-built storagetwice that of the 950/XL.
    Where are your test pictures showing how it's an inferior camera? Yes, we assume that our beloved 'Nokia' PureView camera will be far superior and it certainly seems that way with OIS and superior camera software, but we can't say until the devices are released.
    The processor is only inferior to the 950 XL, and that is only in sheer power.
    Where are your statistics on the inferior RAM? They have the same amount of RAM. Is one faster than the other? Please, show me the numbers.
    Are you referring to the IPS LCD display of the Moto X? Surely not the resolution, since they're QHD (all three are, the Moto X Style, Lumia 950 and 950 XL). It's a matter of opinion whether or not AMOLED is superior to IPS LCD and we have yet to see the OLED displays of either Microsoft flagship in action so how could we possibly say they're better? They might very well be (I believe when properly calibrated an OLED display is far better than a comparative LCD display), but we can't possibly say for certain.

    I don't disbelieve you at all. I just fail to see how this list makes for a compelling argument when you've yet to provide any evidence or statistics on it. Please do and I'll change my perspective. Thank you, sir.
    In terms display, just by looking at IPS LCD or OLED we cannot say which is superior: You need to know color gamut, brightness, outdoor view-ability, resolution, refresh-rate etc. Generally premium phones or flag-ships have higher color-gamut coverage, higher contrast ratio, very bright (higher nits). For ex: Lumia 635 and 1520 both has IPS LCD, but 1520 is one the best screen available when it was released (probably best).

    Display contributes to major amount of the phone price... also higher resolution costs significantly higher... HD to QHD is a significant boost in ppi, smaller pixels lead to more manufacturing defects, which leads to lower-yield, hence higher price...

    I assume (correct me if am wrong) MotoX is a budget/mid-range phone like Lumia 830, and Lumia 950 is a flagship... I am very positive, that we can expect a superior display in Lumia 950 compared to Moto-X, not just in terms of resolution but also color-gamut coverage, contrast-ratio, brightness, and added goodies like high-sensitive touch, enhance outdoor-display (like in Lumia 1520).

    Generally speaking LCD produces realistic colors, OLED kind of saturate colors (you can always change color settings in Lumia), but OLED have very good contrast-ratio and OLED tend to look better on windows tile-like UI... LCD might be good for movies (true-colors) and OLED for games (these are all dependent on personal-taste).. blacks are just amazing on OLED screens, because they are pitch blacks (0nit brightness)

    bottom line: Not all LCDs are better than OLED/AMOLED and vice-versa... its the all other things that make one display better than others
    09-28-2015 03:05 PM
  23. ko_smo's Avatar
    I'm still hoping for a big time surprise from Microsoft re L950 and L950XL looks, the one even Evan Blass could not leak. But, yeah, I know that I'm living in an imagination.
    09-28-2015 03:39 PM
  24. peachy001's Avatar
    There can't be much left to reveal.
    09-28-2015 03:46 PM
  25. 3earnhardt3's Avatar
    The phones look like a 1520 and a 928 had a set of fraternal twins. It is bland and yet non-intrusive as well. I am skipping this generation of phones for now, still holding out for the Surface Phone or a Galaxy Edge with W10.
    steve_w_7 likes this.
    09-28-2015 03:48 PM
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