1. iamakii's Avatar
    What do you guys think of this device? I feel it's better than Asus T90 Chi but I am anxiously waiting for Surface Mini announcement soon in Build.

    Could the Toshiba Satellite Click Mini be the best budget 2-in-1 for travellers? - Pocket-lint
    04-09-2015 06:59 AM
  2. AwesomeLewis24's Avatar
    For a cheap little device to carry around whilst travelling - not bad. If all you intend to do is skype, write up a few blog posts (if that's your thing?), browse facebook and upload photos from your camera I don't see why you'll need anything more. Of course, if you're going to be using it at home on a daily basis then maybe something with a little more disk space and something a little faster will cut it but this is not bad.

    The Asus seemed like more of a casual tablet to me whilst this Toshiba seems like a tablet aimed towards those who only really turn it on to browse the internet and skype. The prices of both tablets reflect on this as well.
    iamakii likes this.
    04-09-2015 07:44 AM
  3. iamakii's Avatar
    The thickness bothers me though 9mm, have to see it first then I'll make my decision.
    04-09-2015 10:12 AM
  4. fatclue_98's Avatar
    Looks like Toshiba has a winner on their hands. Looks very solidly built for the pro on the go. While 32GB doesn't sound like a lot of storage, this isn't meant to replace your desktop. An active digitizer would have me sending in a check to Toshiba tonight.
    04-09-2015 07:50 PM
  5. iamakii's Avatar
    It is! A more hi res screen, more ports (full usb and full sd card on keyboard), a touchpad. I want a black version though, hope it gets released in US.
    04-09-2015 08:40 PM

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