02-09-2015 09:01 PM
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    I really think IF this works like they show, this could be epic for gaming....

    I mean it, they talk Xbox one for it and 3-4 games (AAA games, not entry games like 1/2 of the Kinect games), $700? I'll find a way to buy it...
    -Playing COD, and someone shoots at you, the bullet comes out of the screen at you....
    -Games like sword fighting, seeing the blades come close to you....
    -Uncharted style games, how about your whole room to have the depth of field, grass on your floor, trees right around you rocks on the floor.
    -All the way down to a simple chess game, moving pieces on your coffee table...

    The gaming aspect of this device could be UNREAL, all depends on how the Devs take advantage of it. The options for a device like this is limitless and could bring a wild depth to games that has never been seen before. Something that could really bring you into the game and make you feel part of it....

    I wont be a day one guy, unless there is a ton of content available but dam this does look cool.

    Anything that can make games feel more real, I am totally game for !
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    02-09-2015 09:01 PM
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