1. Zekrominfinity's Avatar
    I am sure there are 2 versions of HOLOLENS and if you know the availability and cost in ₹ . Cuz I am still 17 and need to know if its affordable to me
    01-23-2015 02:34 PM
  2. gMaesterUK's Avatar
    MS have just stated that'll it'll be released in the Win10 "timeframe". We're all guessing that it might be available for Xmas, but that's a big guess.
    No one but MS will know when it'll be released.

    As for price, think of a number, you'll be guessing like everyone else. However, if they want it to be targeted at the consumer market, it needs to be sub-$1k, but ideally sub-$500.

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    01-23-2015 05:23 PM
  3. Jules W's Avatar
    I asked Cortana and She said $4000 for the HoloLens Pro version, which will be released in Nov 2015. The consumer version will be in April 2016, and priced around $1500.
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    01-24-2015 01:57 PM
  4. sl#WP's Avatar
    First, release date: consumer release is highly likely this holiday season. How do I know? It's obvious. They don't release it before Win10 official release (which is probably Aug. ~ Oct. time range). They can't release it after 2015: Imagine you are in charge in msft, you announce a big breakthrough technology that you are working on in last 8 ~ 9 years. Then you release it a year later. You give your competitors enough time to steal it or part of it before you release it. This is something illogical. If you look at the Wired article, the author was shown the exact same prototype last Oct. He has been on NDA since then, only publish the article two days ago. I think the product is ready and they are not showing the product to anyone. Win10 is what holds it back. However, NASA is getting it in July, I don't know how that workout.

    Second the cost: It is a consumer product (they have said that a couple of times). My guess is $500 ~ $1500. Over $1500 doesn't make sense. They have said this is a platform, not just a device. For anything to be platform, it has to have user base, then devs come in. So I think under $1000 is very likely.
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    01-24-2015 08:10 PM

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