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    So just about everyone who's a Microsoft fan has heard about HoloLense, and we're all excited about it, we're all trying to imagine every aspect how it can be used, employed, and appreciated. This is one of those threads, I of course know very little about what I'm talking about /suggesting, but everything starts small.

    I'll start off by using this video as an example.
    In this video, a bunch of people took Battlefield 3, projected the screen onto some walls in a circular tent, used treadmills on the floor to allow movement, rigged an aiming mechanism so the 'player' could move their a 'gun' and the in game gun would mirror the movement of the players body, and so on. Skip around and see what it's like.

    So this is something we'd all like to see, perhaps a new type of Arcade that are very uncommon these days. Pay to have a few minutes of gameplay that feels like the real thing (almost), sounds neat and fun. But these are far from perfection, would cost alot and ultimately no one wants to go through the work of making it flawless.

    But there is some appeal to videogames that stretches beyond the realm of a chair, mouse and a keyboard, isn't there? We've all seen or heard of those TV shows where the characters are trapped in a video game, where it feels like reality even though their real body is in a dream state. Something of that sort. Point is, maybe we want something beyond just staring at a monitor in the comfort of our rooms.

    Virtual reality is a fast growing game. More and more companies are entering the race for the best VR headset, from Valve to Samsung, more companies are going right in. VR is certainly a step in the right direction-- somewhat connecting video games with reality with simple head movements and a more immersive display. I believe one VR headset even offers simulation of smell-- yet another bridge between reality and what's on our computers.

    Couldn't HoloLense be the final push into a more realistic experience with videogames? It's already referred to as 'Augmented Reality', which is an implication it might be what we're looking for. Here's where it gets into the area of over-imagination, but stick with me.

    Wouldn't HoloLense be able to take a real environment, like a room in a house, and then take a map, from a game, and replicate that map on the physical space you're in? Okay, a more thorough explanation is probably needed.

    I mentioned the Battlefield 3 simulator earlier in this post because I'm essentially imagining that, but without projectors or screens. HoloLense takes care of that. Where the previously mentioned simulator would be relevant would be the movement system. The user would be able to move in every direction, freely, and do movements like jump, crouch, sprint and other such actions.

    Imagine an empty room, 30 feet wide, 30 feet long, and 30 feet tall. Nothing there, the floor, ceiling and walls are all painted either white or green. The floor is a series of treadmills, positioned so that no matter how fast or how a user moves, they can keep the user in the rough center of the room. A HoloLense headset sits in the center of the room. You move to it, put it on, and turn it on. You select what you want to see, in this case, for example, a living room of a house. After some loading time, you find yourself in a normal looking, perhaps slightly un-real looking room. You move around, walking to and from wall to wall, stopping where you perceive each wall to be. You walk back to the center of the room, turn the HoloLense off, and watch as the image you just explored disappears and the larger, white room you began in reappears.

    I imagine HoloLense as being able to simulate an environment, whether it be a place in real life, or a map from a videogame. Could it dynamically create simulations of our choice? I imagine we haven't seen enough of HoloLense to know if it can create a 'scene' that completely fills the users vision, but it seems like it would be more than possible.

    Unfortunately I'm getting tired and I probably no longer make sense. I'm quite interested for some opinions because it really seems like HoloLense could be more than expected.
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    03-27-2015 02:58 AM
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    I liked your post but i fear your expectations are way too high.

    Creating "live like" games is a nice idea but in reality it will be too expensive.
    The army for example uses already virtual battlefields to train there tank crews but these simulators are costing a fortune.
    And even if they can make games more real then you probably find out that after 30 minutes running and ducking you are exhausted and you still in level 1 and have only 1 live left.
    Never the less I liked your post.
    03-27-2015 06:05 AM

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