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    Allows you to Pin This PC to Taskbar without having duplicate Taskbar Icons open.

    To switch the File Explorer with This PC do the following:

    1: Unpin File Explorer from the Taskbar.
    2: Pin the This PC shortcut to Taskbar.

    Voila, you now have This PC pinned to the Taskbar instead of File Explorer!

    To switch back to File Explorer:

    You have 2 options:
    1: Unpin This PC from Taskbar and Pin File Explorer using supplied shortcut to Taskbar.
    2:Unpin This PC and Pin the supplied File Explorer shortcut to Taskbar


    Download This PC shortcut from my OneDrive: This PC Download

    This PC shortcut is originally the shortcut to File Explorer that I changed myself using an app I wrote. Instead of making users use the app I decided to just supply the shortcut but, if anyone would like an Automatic way of doing it I would be more than happy to post the App for it.

    Screenshot shows Network Icon for This PC. I wasn't paying attention but, The file includes the correct icon.
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