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  1. mcbeastly's Avatar
    First a confession - I haven't been able to get my preview to work so I don't know if this has been fixed.

    I have a gripe with the W8 and W8.1 sign-in or log-in arrangements that I'm hoping have or can be fixed in W10. The issue is with multi user-account machines. Before W8, if you turned on a multi user machine it would boot up to a 'select user' screen. This changed with W8 and W8.1 so that it now tries to boot into the account of the last person to log out. If the last user's account was not password protected it actually boots straight into their desktop. If it was password protected, it boots into the password sign-in for that account. In neither case does it boot to the select user screen.

    This means that on multi user-account machine, if you weren't the last person to use it, you have to either back out of the other user's account or back out of the password screen. This is tedious and undoes much of the boot-up time improvements that came with W8.

    IMHO the system should always boot to the select user screen on a multi user machine, both for privacy and speed of access reasons.

    So, has anyone tried this on the W10 preview to see if it's been fixed?


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    12-31-2014 06:24 PM
  2. zhris's Avatar
    I can't confirm, as our Windows account are tied to our MSFT accounts (and thus require a password). One workaround that may be a bit quicker for you if it doesn't work the way you want is to change the login type from Password to PIN, then all you'd have to do is click a user and punch in 1234 or something.
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    12-31-2014 09:37 PM
  3. mcbeastly's Avatar
    I guess I'm hoping someone will eventually get this errant (in my view) behaviour changed to the pre-Win8 approach. I find it hard to believe someone would have thought this was an appropriate boot-up approach, so I think it's a bug of sorts.
    01-01-2015 03:34 PM

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