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    I installed Win10 on a SF2 PRO with 256GB. After the installation, the PC had the following issues:

    - Wifi terribly slow
    - OS in general not as snappy as 8.1 (acceptable as its pre-release and does not impact functionality)
    - Microsoft standard display driver was installed instead of Intel HD (I run the 4080 Intel driver, should I have needed to downgrade to the default MS one?)
    - All sorts of strange hardware driver errors when doing a system check via the system settings
    - Unable to dim the screen, it was always set at max. brightness (perhaps related to display driver issue noted above)
    - OneDrive not active and not syncing with the same settings as before in 8.1

    I decided to roll back. After that, some apps did not work anymore (Mail, Store) and I had error messages re. the account (MSA window appeared with "Invalid length" message when trying to download something from the store). I switched to local account and then back to MSA - problems were gone. Had to uninstall and re-install the mail app, it also then worked.

    A bit of rough process, any suggestions to make this smoother let me know.
    01-24-2015 10:48 AM

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