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    Just updated to the latest technical preview and feel compelled to praise a small(?) UX item that was changed; then I discovered one I don't like as much.
    For the former, regard the below image:

    See that middle row there? It has all the tiles in a single column. For me, this is huge. Check all the OSs, and you'll realize that whatever the base Grid is behind the scenes will not allow you to stack a single column of small tiles.

    This was one of the most annoying shoelace problems I had in customizing the start screen, glad they've opened this.

    For the latter; though I like Cortana, it seems I can no longer do a simple Win+TYPE to search, gotta click her lil orb. If there's an easy button to do the same I've not found it. Thus, pressing the Windows Key and typing does squat, not as a fast as I'd think, so now I'm ... disoriented.

    But just wanted to share these views quickly. Merci.

    EDIT: Three more items worth noting: Alt+Tab is much, much faster lovely. I know this is still a technical build but happy they did it. And second, love the start bar changes in displaying what's an open application. Third, loving the notification center.
    01-24-2015 11:58 AM

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