1. Talderon's Avatar
    Well, I may be crazy, but this time, I really took the plunge into Windows 10.

    I have had the first release of the preview on my Surface Pro (1) tablet and as far as touch devices go, that was, in a way, a big mistake.

    The latest version is 100% better on touch devices.

    My home machine, the gaming rig. Oh the headaches.

    I have an ASUS CROSSHAIR V FORMULA Z Motherboard in my rig. This motherboard has the Intel 82583 Gigabit LAN on board. When loading the OS with the LAN enabled AND a network cable plugged in, you will get a BSOD with the following:

    Driver IRQL Not less or Equal error e1i63x64.sys

    Now, there is an extensive thread here with things to try and some of them even work for various people.

    After many many reboots due to BSOD, I just plugged in a wireless USB card, disabled on board NIC and that solved the problem. There were some new "fixes" since I last checked this thread, so I plan to see if any of these new suggestions work.

    Other than that, Windows 10 on my gaming rig has been fantastic. ALL of my Steam Games have run without issues. Diablo III as well as other MMO's have run flawlessly on it and I am, so far, having a lot of luck with this OS as a daily driver on my gaming rig.

    Anyone else thinking about taking the plunge?
    01-27-2015 04:23 AM
  2. Talderon's Avatar
    Oh yeah, I am waiting on approval from work to see if I can run it on my work Laptop. :)
    01-27-2015 04:24 AM
  3. dKp1977's Avatar
    Since my only device left and hence being my daily driver (while on the go and at home, docked) is my Surface Pro 3. I used the Tech Preview on my Surface Pro 1 (which is sold in the meantime) and wasn't that impressed. So I was a little hesitated when it came to installing the new Tech Preview on my Surface Pro 3. In the end, I did it anyways. As usual. :D Gotta say that I'm suffering from quite a lot of bugs, like not coming back to life from sleep, on-screen keyboard invisible or hidden behind the background image and lots of other stuff like that. But most of the time it's running perfectly fine, so I'm mostly happy with it.
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    01-27-2015 04:30 AM
  4. hagjohn's Avatar
    Try updating the driver to the latest and see if that helps.
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    01-27-2015 04:36 AM
  5. Wevenhuis's Avatar
    Just bought a second second hand surface pro 1 as my secondary device to try out windows 10. As Soon as I get it delivered I will install windows 10 on it.
    01-27-2015 05:00 AM

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