1. Abhishek P's Avatar
    I'm trying to install the tech preview version 9926 after downloading the ISO.
    The process started, and I agreed to terms and conditions, but next it starts checking for updates, and doesn't continue. It is stuck at the "checking for updates"screen for a really long time. Anyone else faced this problem?
    Can you help
    02-07-2015 07:09 AM
  2. EricMarsi's Avatar
    try disconnecting from the internet
    02-07-2015 09:55 PM
  3. Abhishek P's Avatar
    I did that, and still no use.
    Is ther any way to skip the "checking for updates" screen?
    02-08-2015 01:15 AM
  4. EricMarsi's Avatar
    Not that I know of, I personally would recomend backing up your files and settings and performing a clean install. Ive had issues with the preview on upgrade installations where features like the action center do not actually open. best bet is to do a clean install
    02-09-2015 09:46 AM

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