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    A couple of quick mock ups I designed this morning. Up first is a revised Cortana from Build 10122. First off, I really like the theme color & the dark gray look on Cortana, but what seems off is the awkward white background where content is delivered, it looks like they just tossed a personalized version on the new MSN app within a framed window.

    OneDrive (HD Images): https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resi...2F810F%2189984

    UserVoice: https://windows.uservoice.com/forums...ction-to-do-ne
    Windows Insider: Search for "Revise Cortana content delivery section (To do, news, interest, etc.) with a more modern and visually pleasant design." to up vote.

    For the calculator, pretty simple, an icon to launch multiple instances of the calculator app. Surprisingly, there aren't many mentions of this on UserVoice, but please vote if you feel the need for it. Within the feedback app, there a suggestion with "I can only use one instance of the new calculator at a time" if you want to up vote there as well. (Currently at 175).

    UserVoice: https://windows.uservoice.com/forums...le-calculators or https://windows.uservoice.com/forums...ern-calculator
    Windows Insider: Search for words like "multiple" or "instance" under the Apps >> Calculator section to find suggestions to up vote this idea.

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