1. markst's Avatar
    I am curious as to how Windows 10 knows I have a Windows 8.1 Pro System. Im aware I can update, and then burn the Windows 10 .iso, but at what point does it recognize that I am running a Windows 8.1 Pro System. Sorry, I am talking about build 10240. Thanks..
    07-18-2015 07:10 AM
  2. xandros9's Avatar
    Probably before it downloads the ISO and stuff. (or all the time)

    The fact that its a Pro edition version isn't really a secret and most programs probably (can) know.
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    07-18-2015 07:27 AM
  3. Rising Mos's Avatar
    Official ISO files are compiled by Microsoft. As such, when you download an ISO, you will have to pick the edition yourself.

    If you are upgrading from windows 8.1 without downloading the iso (which is possible), it will find the appropriate edition automatically and upgrade.
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    07-18-2015 07:45 AM

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