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    Anyone know if day 1 updates will be available to Windows Insiders solely by User Account name or does the Windows 8.1 machine have to have the Preview Edition installed??

    On my daily driver, I have 2 partitions -- One with Windows 8.1 and one with Windows 10 TP which I have been updating and occasionally installing from ISOs.

    I never updated the Windows 8.1 to TP because it was super stable and I didn't want to mess it up.So will Windows 10 upgrade be available day 1? I did receive the Upgrade "bug" on my task bar and signed up for the update.
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    07-26-2015 07:57 PM
  2. gentry33's Avatar
    I'm kind of wondering the same thing but I know that the upgrade is not dependent on having the Preview installed. A licensed copy will upgrade.

    I would like to keep one partition on the Insider program to keep testing new builds before generally available . I hope the 8.1 partition upgrades to general release. I would think that it will as this is the licensed OS.

    I'm going to attend the local MS store launch event before I'm on my desktop tomorrow, maybe I'll the opportunity to ask the question there​.
    07-28-2015 09:01 PM
  3. gentry33's Avatar
    Another thought occurred, how would the system be able to discern the two versions of the same OS?
    07-28-2015 09:17 PM

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