1. vodda's Avatar
    After upgrading to W10 version 10532 I cannot get my "broadcom 802.11abgn wireless sdio adapter" to work. Its an Asus T100TA tablet. It worked just fine on the previous build, but 10532 is a no go.

    I've seen posts on the feedback app so I am not alone still I wonder if there is anybody here that managed to fixed this?
    08-29-2015 12:09 AM
  2. Corwin_Amber's Avatar
    Hi vodda,

    unfortunately, you are not alone. Also, I was unable to solve it, pulling all kind of tricks. I upvoted it and reported it again (because BT is also failing) and hope that it will be (is already) fixed in the next build. A Thinkpad Tablet without wifi does not make too much sense.

    For now the workaround is to use a 10 €/$ usb wifi adapter. OR charge it ;)
    Last edited by Corwin_Amber; 09-01-2015 at 08:19 AM.
    09-01-2015 07:47 AM
  3. rory753's Avatar
    I have a lenovo yoga tablet 2 8", and i just upgraded to 10532. the wireless radio disappeared, and I haven't been able to connect to wifi. this looks like the thread to be in should anything come up...
    09-11-2015 10:07 AM
  4. vodda's Avatar
    I just went back to older build as was unable to make it to work.

    I do wonder, if the latest leaked build 10537, works?
    09-14-2015 11:07 AM
  5. iosub's Avatar
    Same problem here
    09-14-2015 11:29 AM
  6. vodda's Avatar
    is the issue fixed in latest build - 10547. I most likely wont be able to install it untill monday.
    09-18-2015 01:19 PM

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