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    Installed build 10547 via Windows Update last night and had to roll back to the previous build due to the following issues:

    - Lost DNS/DFS connection to my server, meaning I could not navigate network shares via Windows Explorer, map network drives, run GP Updates, etc. RDC still worked, but I couldn't even navigate server shares using the IP address.

    - Could not open services.msc-- this just hung and hung and hung

    - The fly-out menu bug (caused by quickly clicking the audio, battery, network, etc. icons) now affects the start menu when it acts up-- Meaning I could not search, navigate start menu folders, etc. I had to ctrl+alt+delete to even get to a reboot command

    - 5.1 sound via Realtek audio optical (TOSLINK) connection is STILL broken and seems to be even worse. It now says my sound card does not support 5.1 (despite the fact that it indeed does). Previous builds just broke all audio via that sound card when I attempted to play 5.1 sound through it until a reboot.

    - I lost my hyper-v virtual adapters (used to run the MS android emulator via hyper-v). This might have been a simple issue of setting up hyper-v again, but I didn't bother, given how I'd lost connectivity to my server.

    It looks like a few other folks are reporting strange network issues with this build as well, so perhaps I'm not the only one.

    Roll back to the previous build was easy and painless via the settings app.
    09-19-2015 09:03 AM
  2. JediTWang's Avatar
    Why the hell am I not getting the update prompt (again), more importantly how do I hurry this ***** up?
    Last time round I had to manually trigger a scheduled task in order to speed things up, I don't see that task to trigger this time.

    Turned out I didn't have any issue, just needed time for me to progress through the queue...
    Hadn't been booted into my WI env. for a long time, tried hurrying it all up by executing some scheduled tasks.
    Not sure if that made a difference....
    But regardless the next day* approximately 12 hours later, when I manually checked, it was finally there.
    Anyway unsubscribing from this thread now as it's no longer needed, cheers!

    *Well same day, as I was up till the "wee hours"
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    09-19-2015 10:51 AM
  3. 1thedavehall's Avatar
    Windows 10 mobile preview is draining My battery on my Lumia 1520 really fast! Also, my facebook force closes as soon as it try's to open and some apps like windows central are super slow.
    09-20-2015 06:51 AM
  4. theswami2015's Avatar
    I too have had issues. tried four times.
    First time, it hung at 93 percent, rebooted and it reinstalled 10532.
    Second time, I disabled Avast antivirus and disabled my USB 3.0 device. it installed, but I could not log in. then I figured out how to log in and no programs worked. rebooted and it reinstalled 10532. I should have stopped there.
    Third time, disabled Avast and the USB 3.0. it installed but the screen now flashed white every few seconds...could not get to a log in. rebooted several times. when I rebooted, twice in rapid succession, it went to recovery and I was able to restore 10532, but parts of the menu disappeared...like Settings.
    Fourth time, I used the ISO on a dvd. same experience as the third time. it did revert to 10532, but still missing Settings on the menu. fortunately, it's on the notification tool.
    Any assistance would be good. I like the description of the new features.

    the swami
    09-20-2015 09:03 PM

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