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    hi. im an insider on pc from february. once RTM arrived i tried to do a clean install which failed to activate. support guy made my re-install w8.1 for which i had a serial key and use the update tool again. i did just that, and also selected to keep none of my files. that was how close i could do to a clean install of w10. now, months after RTM, insider builds pack enough extra features for me wanting to join again. i started settings app and inside update and security->advanced options i re-enabled insider build and selected fast ring. once the build was detected i urged to install. after it gets downloaded and prepared, and my pc restarts to install it, at the stage with 3 steps, when pc restarts after completing the second step (so only "Configuring settings" left) i get a blue screen and the pc restarts and reverts back to RTM build. Doesnt anyone encounter same problem and knows a fix? is there any other way to update to latest build without loosing all my files and apps?
    09-24-2015 10:36 AM

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