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    So a few issues I've been seeing lately that I wanted to get your opinion and feedback on.

    I am running the latest Fast Insider build on my 950 XL, and for the most part it is running smoothly. There are a couple issues that are kinda annoying though, but not sure if it's the OS, or my hardware, or something else.

    • When viewing my photos, sometimes the most recent photos/videos don't load.
      I think this could be due to OneDrive (more on that later) not syncing correctly.
    • Sometimes when the photos are viewable again, they are corrupted (all green, artifacts, half the image is there, etc). This completely ruins the image, and since I use onedrive to backup the images, that image is lost forever.
    • When adding music to my MicroSD card via my PC, it all copies over, but then if I soft reset the device, all the music is gone.
    • Groove isn't playing any music. It sees my local music, but then just spins at 0:00 and doesn't play anything or give any messages.
    • Sometimes the screen freezes and I have to soft reset to get out (tried the volume button 3 times trick, nothing.)
    • Messenger sometimes doesn't pop up the keyboard when I select the textbox. Have to clear the app from the task list in order to fix.

    For the Picture/Music issue, this is pretty frustrating, because I can't be sure if the picture I just took will still be there, and I have lost pictures that were important, even older pictures have gotten corrupted. I have a feeling it is due to OneDrive, and possibly if a reset occurs or bad internet connection during a sync, it would corrupt the image.

    I'm wondering if it's also my MicroSD card that could be at fault?

    04-27-2016 02:18 PM
  2. gpobernardo's Avatar
    There's a chance that it's your SD Card (Micro) that's at fault. Try using a different card - at least we can eliminate or verify something after.

    As for Messenger, that happened in my L1020, too, but not often, so it could be an app issue.
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    04-28-2016 12:57 AM

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