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    I am on the Fast Ring, and was finally happy to get extensions in the store.
    Edge was working pretty ok, by that I mean, after the 5 second delay to display pages, it was good.
    Ad Block plus kept all the ads away, but it didn't seem to be any faster.
    Then Monday Morning at 1AM, Edge just stopped working.
    It won't launch. I get the opening page, which for me is blank, since I hate MS picking the sites for me. And after 2 seconds, Edge closes. No error message, like with the New Store. Though, really how helpful are ANY of MS error message.

    I guess I will use Internet Explorer, or like a vast multitude, move to another browser.

    I realize this is Beta software, but, I am just amazed that things worked. And now do not. With little or no indication why, or worse, how to troubleshoot them. Tried the App troubleshooter. No help, like always. Tried SFC, no help either.

    I finally had my Surface 3, running pretty well. And Now Edge just won't work. I get bugs, but geez, give me something to troubleshoot.

    Although, I at least twice daily, have to point new apps to the SD, and back to main storage, to get the store to install stuff. And now the new Store updates, just sit there saying, Something went wrong, give it a few minutes and try again. Error code 0x80073cf3. which really doesn't give me a solution.

    Now I am eager for a new build, to try and fix this stuff, only for something else to break.
    05-17-2016 02:36 PM

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