1. BaritoneGuy's Avatar
    I am running the current production release on my Surface 3. All is well at this point. I follow this very carefully, but at this point I don't have the Insider (fast or slow) on any of my devices.

    In reading the threads it seems things are getting close. I am interested in some of the new features in RS.

    I am fully capable of troubleshooting and using a recovery image if necessary, but I hate hard resets. They are a pain to deal with.

    My plan would be to do the upgrade and see what things are like. My device does not have a ton of stuff to deal with. Should this not work I would do the reset and try again. Should that not work, then back to production.

    Is 14367 stable enough to give it a try? I would do the same thing on my Lumia 950.

    A while back I did try it on the Surface but had to go back to production as some apps would not work.

    What do you think.
    06-17-2016 06:12 PM
  2. rider2040's Avatar
    Like you, I tried an earlier Redstone build on my Surface 3 and had to go back to the production build due to poor performance and instability. When 14367 was released I decided to try Redstone again and Im happy to say that it is working great. I have a laptop that I use for work, so I use my Surface for mostly personal stuff and I can live with the occasional glitch. Im not sure I would trust Redstone if I was walking into an appointment with a customer at work, but for use at home it is really great.
    06-19-2016 10:27 AM
  3. Zulfigar's Avatar
    I'm actually in the same boat with my Surface 3, was thinking about going back to the Fast ring. Had it on there for the longest time until one update killed my Surface and stopped it from booting up (exchanged it for one with Windows 10 pre-installed and kept it on production).

    I'll probably put it on the fast ring tonight and try it out this week.
    06-19-2016 10:40 AM
  4. BaritoneGuy's Avatar
    I did it on the phone and the surface and have to say that so far things seem to be working well.
    06-19-2016 02:09 PM
  5. Albatross2's Avatar
    I'm also on the fast ring latest build with my Surface 3 and Lumia 950 DS. Only a very few minor annoyances for me, for example the WindowsCentral UWP app crashes on the Surface 3. Overall very pleased.

    I expect to get off the fast ring for a while once the anniversary update ships. I'll probably bump down to the production preview ring on both devices.
    06-22-2016 10:19 AM

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