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    Hello everyone,

    So I stumbled across many posts about WHY Windows Phone don't have the success that was intended to get
    and many are saying things like, the application gap/developers don't support the OS, no room for 3rd player on the
    two horse race and many other surface - scratching personal opinions and already know facts.

    Let's put all those to the side and focus on the root problem, make the human brain conceive WP as a great product.

    Live tiles are a great future of WP and completely unique. But this only half the truth.
    Tiles lack distinctive feel, each tile feels the same because all icons are white and aren't easy for a first timer to locate them.
    On it's current state, the OS, completely lacks the factor of familiarity, so it is extremely hard to sell your products to the people
    that have never used Windows Phone more-so attract developers.

    So let me present to you the other puzzle pieces missing from the OS and what I think should be the natural progression.
    The solution that I'm going to present, is root deep and major for the Windows Phone to succeed in the past 2014 era :


    The next version (Windows 10) must have colors (soft, pleasant to the eye and settled).
    Developers of WP 10 should play (subconsciously) with the minds of users, here is a way to do that:

    All the native apps should have their own color scheme to create a friendly environment and uniformity

    For example :

    Dialer app icon: Green
    in the app green-white-black and such..

    Maps apps icons: Blue
    in the app blue-white-black and such.. (why have you made the tiles transparent and the splash screen black?)

    Camera apps icons: Purple
    in the app purple-white-black and such..

    and so on...


    Now if you see at the other two major OSes offerings:

    Google and Apple got it right in the last updates, it is only natural for WP to do the same.
    I don't think with the fanboy mindset and complaining about copying blah blah blah..
    Friendly and pleasing to the eye colors are not a trend, colors show emotions and play a major role
    to the subconscious of our minds/ how much we like something/ feel familiar to it.
    It is natural for one to get bored of windows phones (in it's current state) no matter how smooth and great the OS is..

    -------------------------a change, less relevant to this post-------------------------------

    Also all the games MUST go into a special app/folder, it is ridiculous for a Windows product (best known to entrepreneurs) to have games in it's app list, currently I have about the same amount of games as apps, located all over my app list. (and probably I'm not the only here)



    This is my opinion. This is what I think would make a huge impact on the windows phone growth and surely
    will attract more customers/developers and produce less complains and dissatisfaction.

    Apple always knew that, that's why most of the people have a good image of this company and buy blindly their products.

    Microsoft always was giving that feeling to consumers of NOTHING SPECIAL,
    on the other hand, Apple always knew how the brain works and how you make someone to like your products.

    IT IS AN ART, the same way a talented musician can make better music that one that is only skilled, even with less resources.

    Now, Microsoft has this huge opportunity to give it's products (mainly WP) the soul that is needed, otherwise it won't succeed.


    I have made a uservoice post about this solution, so if you agree, please vote it so that it reaches Windows Phone design team!



    Sometimes the most simple ideas are the best ideas.
    This ideas will grow only by simple,settled and yet strong changes.
    From there, it is almost impossible to f*ck up, as more and more people would have the same mindset and support the movement.
    01-03-2015 04:14 AM

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