1. KM2612's Avatar
    Ok so everyone is going nuts over semi transparent tiles, and here i am sitting with fully transparent tiles on my start screen without using any extra app to render them transparent.

    So where is the translucent tiles? how do i turn it on?

    Using a Lumia 730 btw and just got the Developer preview.
    02-12-2015 11:21 PM
  2. daveey's Avatar
    Settings/Personalization/Background and add a background.
    The translucent appearance sort of depends on how light or dark your background is.
    02-12-2015 11:25 PM
  3. jamvng's Avatar
    Once you change your background, your tiles will become translucent.
    02-12-2015 11:34 PM
  4. KM2612's Avatar
    Damn..it just became opaque..not even translucent..damn
    Last edited by KM2612; 02-13-2015 at 12:22 AM.
    02-12-2015 11:49 PM

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