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05-20-2016 09:03 AM
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  1. Beantool's Avatar
    The only real bug I've found in 10549 is that Edge won't seem to let me save ANY image to ANY location. I've tried a 3rd party browser too and to no avail. Anyone else have this issue or know how to resolve it?
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    10-20-2015 08:37 AM
  2. Erik Latranyi's Avatar
    For those frustrated by the "two steps forward, three steps back" we see in each build, let me explain something.

    As noted, there are many different types of hardware that this OS must support. Compare that to Apple.

    The team creates some features that works great for some types of hardware but does not work for other types of hardware. The team notes that. In the next build, the team tries to correct the features for the hardware that has failures in the first build. But that build then fails on some other types of hardware. So, the team has a version of those features that works on one set of hardware, a second version that works on another set of hardware, so they try a third version until they know how to make the features work for all types of hardware.

    This is why we see small tweaks and changes happening even after we get a new build. Some features may get fixed by a small update, but the user thinks it is because the humidity went down in the middle of the week. :)

    Trust me, the MS team is tracking all these very closely and is putting together what is required to make all the Windows 10 features work on all handsets. Each handset will get different code in the background, depending on its hardware, but the user will not see this.

    This is how you can understand why something that works in one build stops working well in another.
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    10-20-2015 09:53 AM
  3. bijuant's Avatar
    Build 10549 bricked my L1320. It worked for about 2-3 days. Used to get a frozen screen in applications -atleast 2-3 times a day followed by auto re boot .(this was the case with all the previous builds but never bricked). Finally in one of such re boots the blue screen came up with sad face on it as well as on my face. So after months and months of patient trial with w10 decided to bid a bye to the w10 . Happily back in wp8.1
    10-20-2015 03:00 PM
  4. Erik Latranyi's Avatar
    Lumia 1520

    Rolled back to 8.1 in anticipation of 10572 this afternoon!
    10-20-2015 03:54 PM
  5. shdwcythe's Avatar
    I installed 10166 on my 635 last night (Oct 19), and Cortana doesn't exist. I still had the Live Tile, which was glitchy, so I removed it and was going to replace it. Only to find out that, as noted, I don't have Cortana on my phone now. I'm wondering if this is just a glitch in the build, but if there can be any insight provided (preferably not hard-resetting), that would be helpful.
    10-20-2015 10:02 PM
  6. zapppa83's Avatar
    I can't install Here Drive + on 10572...any solution?

    P.S. Messenger tile can't turn to WIDE
    10-21-2015 02:34 AM
  7. Chintan Gohel's Avatar
    I can't install Here Drive + on 10572...any solution?

    P.S. Messenger tile can't turn to WIDE
    You should have installed when you had reset to 8.1. And then you upgrade to 10572 when you know you have it
    10-21-2015 08:21 AM
  8. vodda's Avatar
    Default camera app only takes pictures in 1080p, anyone else?
    10-21-2015 09:01 AM
  9. anon(5383410)'s Avatar
    Well the issue with the new message notifications has been resolved with the latest update to the Mail app. That was the only thing keeping me from sticking with this build. So I'll keep it as long as nothing screwy happens.
    10-21-2015 06:17 PM
  10. costas60's Avatar
    anyone having issue with new calendar update
    when you go to dark theme
    in the week view
    the month at the bottom is
    dark and numbers unreadable
    10-22-2015 02:45 AM
  11. Skogger's Avatar
    Hi, I'm having a problem with the latest build that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere before. On my Lumia 1520 there are a lot of glitches when viewing a horizontal video in fullscreen mode. I can see this especially in the Netflix app or when viewing youtube videos in Edge. Is anyone else experiencing this?
    10-22-2015 06:44 AM
  12. Racing Snake's Avatar
    This thread is waaay to large to legitimately capture bugs on the build :(

    Anyway, this issue is still present in 10572:
    When setting the data usage limit date, the date shown is actually the date prior to the one you select in the drop down.
    For example, I select "20th" from the drop down, and the date is set to 19th.
    So I've set it to "21st" as the reset date, and this has now registered as the "20th".

    Also on the data usage, it didn't recognise the change in dates in the usage statistics until I completely removed the data limit settings and re-entered them from scratch.
    10-23-2015 07:55 AM
  13. 920Walker's Avatar
    Build 10572. Outlook Calendar is showing today as 10/31,Halloween, on the tile. It is 10/23. When opening Calendar, Today is shown as 10/23 correctly. Anyone know a fix? Date and time are set to auto in settings.

    I was messing with the date and time yesterday troubleshooting OneDrive file dates compared with originals, forcing the date ahead and then changing back. Manually setting date, auto setting date, updating to today's Outlook update, unpinning and repinning and soft reset have not fixed the tile.

    Tried Simple Calendar and that tile showed today's date and calendar correctly. TF.
    10-23-2015 10:05 AM
  14. RegardlessDolan's Avatar
    I've been having the issue of no data connection as well, however, disabling Wi-Fi networking completely (not just disconnecting from a network) restores my data connection. Re-enabling Wi-Fi networking once again kills the data connection. Anyone care to test if this works for you?

    Build 10572/HTC One M8.
    10-23-2015 01:11 PM
  15. HOTDAWG's Avatar
    I've tried about five times to install W10M, every time there's something major wrong that makes me uninstall in ten minutes. Sad, but it's beta, so who am I to complain.
    This time I was unable to connect to my MS account at all - neither through settings nor any of my office apps. And then my main apps began disappearing - edge, outlook... just totally disappeared.
    Brand new 640.
    10-24-2015 07:14 AM
  16. Maurizio Troso's Avatar
    Does anyone know how to recover a BSOD 920 which shuts down every 60 seconds or so? When it's on a charge it will get into a reboot loop. When it's not on a charge it will shutdown after a minute. The hard reset hardware keys aren't doing anything either.

    I can't imagine any recovery software being able to save this one.
    if you have a sd card, put it in a pc o noteboook sd slot and check
    10-24-2015 01:46 PM
  17. NVMY03ION's Avatar
    Anyone have any problems with Visual Voicemail on latest Windows 10 Build? I have a Nokia 1520. Haven't seen any new voicemails for the past two days and I checked it manually last night and had three new voicemails.
    10-26-2015 07:14 AM
  18. timster01's Avatar
    Settings app crashes when changing settings under Privacy-> Messaging.

    build 10572, Lumia 640 XL LTE
    10-26-2015 05:51 PM
  19. valyvis10's Avatar
    How do I set never to minimize Dialer on 10572?
    10-27-2015 04:38 AM
  20. shadow118's Avatar
    Guess I should have posted this here

    Having quite a few werid glitches (Lumia 830, build 10572):
    - Sometimes the screen would just go black, like if you turned it off, but then it comes back after a second, this happens at random, usually when I'm in some kind of app.
    - When listening to music it sometimes pauses the song like it's buffering, again happens at random, if it does, it's at the beginning of the song and a few times (thats local music, never had this happen in previous builds or in wp8.1, so I doubt it's the SD cards fault)
    - When I type 'B' in search, it just crashes, tried other letters, seemed to be fine, if i pressed b and some other letter quickly, also seemed to be ok, but if I then deleted that other letter, then it crashed.
    - In edge sometimes when writingi in the address bar, the text is white, so you can't see what you're typing
    - In settings, can't open settings for motion data or glance (I think I could open glance before resetting the phone in the same build, but I'm not sure)
    - Can't update Moiton data (or motion sense, IDK) in the store, always gives an error
    - In the quick toggles there is something missing after resetting. Before, there were 16 icons, now (after reseting, same build) there are 15
    - Some apps won't launch and just stay in the splash screen. Apps like 6tin, Twitter, Blue Skies, Lumia selfie, Lumia Creative studio. Tried reinstalling them to local storage, on 6tag started working, the rest still don't work. This was one of the main reasons why I reset the phone.
    - Messaging app crashes when trying to open a skype group chat

    On a bit more positive side, the Groove music plays my files (apart from the bug mentioned above, but that doesn't happen that often). In the previous build Groove would give an error on almost all of my songs
    And in general it does feel more snappy and the battery life seems ok
    10-27-2015 04:48 AM
  21. astuermer's Avatar
    Lumia 640 XL, Build 10572 here...

    • No tile or lockscreen notifications for separate mail accounts anymore. Only the "Outlook-Mail" app is recognized.
    • No tile or lockscreen notifications for Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and perhaps others (I only use these two).
    • Some apps are installed to SD card directly, when launching them nothing happens. I have to move them manually to internal memory to get them work.
    • Some apps are installed to internal memory and won't appear in the launcher (Microsoft Authenticator for example). I have to move the app to SD card first to get it working AND appear in the launcher. This is a very strange issue.
    • The Photos app still shows most of my pictures twice as soon as I select "show OneDrive photos". I already have activated the checkbox "connected photos" to show identical photos only once - without success! This issue is existing since several builds before, but still not fixed.
    • WiFi Hotspot doesn't work for me. It can be activated and my tablet connects to my phone, the phone also has full signal strength - but it doesn't "dial outside". As soon as I deactivate the mobile hotspot, data is working again.
    • Groove-Music often buffers at the beginning of songs. It starts playing one second, then a second pause, then plays the rest of the song as usual.
    • Edge won't let me write the letters Q, S and U - lower- and uppercase. So entering an URL including these letters isn't possible.
    10-28-2015 07:01 AM
  22. shadow118's Avatar
    Lumia 640 XL, Build 10572 here...

    • Some apps are installed to SD card directly, when launching them nothing happens. I have to move them manually to internal memory to get them work.
    • Groove-Music often buffers at the beginning of songs. It starts playing one second, then a second pause, then plays the rest of the song as usual.
    For me moving them to internal didn't help
    About Groove, I thought it was buffering too, but then wouldn't it pause and continue where it left off? For me it just skips those seconds like it was on mute for that bit
    EDIT: Reset the phone again, twitter came to life, when installed in internal memory, Before it just didn't work at all, no matter internal or SD
    Last edited by shadow118; 10-29-2015 at 03:34 AM.
    10-29-2015 02:19 AM
  23. lonewolfe2015's Avatar
    if you have a sd card, put it in a pc o noteboook sd slot and check
    Fortunately the last update to the utility resurrected my 920. It was able to detect and stop the reboot loop to recover it.
    10-29-2015 12:57 PM
  24. FernandoDB's Avatar
    still impossible to change the third quick action button, rotation lock
    10-29-2015 12:59 PM
  25. stefanolson's Avatar
    Yes, me too!!
    10-30-2015 02:56 AM
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