1. Raymond Scott's Avatar
    I added Windows 10 for Phones to a Lumia 635. One of the best and most talked about features of Win 10 on phones is the ability to dictate anywhere the keyboard pops up. The microphone is right there on top of the keyboard. Except it isn't for me. There's no sign of the microphone button and no sign of any voice recognition features anywhere in the phone.

    I don't think this is due to the device being a Lumia 635, but (guessing) think it might because voice recognition is now a Cortana feature and in the UK there is no Cortana for Windows 10 for Phones. I had hoped to see a blog post pointing this out somewhere, but I have not seen anything to suggest that dictation features are US only at the moment.

    Anyone got dictation on their W10 device in the UK?
    02-19-2015 05:11 AM
  2. Giffdev's Avatar
    Hey Raymond,
    ​I've sent this issue to our community champs who work specifically with dictation, and I'll get some answers for you as soon as I can :)
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    02-19-2015 03:14 PM
  3. NikhilSreekandan's Avatar
    Facing the same situation here on my L830. Is it a region language issue?
    02-20-2015 08:04 AM
  4. JenMSFT's Avatar
    I can confirm that dictation is only supported for English (United States) in the Windows Phone 10 flight and that unless that is your active language you won't see a microphone button in the candidate pane.

    In theory, if you switch your language in settings to English (United States) you'd be able to try it out, however the team is currently investigating some reports of people not being able to access the language settings page on upgraded devices, and if that's the case for you, you might be out of luck for now . There is a workaround, but as it involves flashing back to 8.1, changing the display language there, and re-upgrading to 10, I wouldn't recommend it unless you were very committed to trying dictation (which, if you are, more power to you and we'd love to hear your feedback :) ).

    Regardless of what you decide to do, glad to hear you're excited about the feature. Keep the feedback coming for WP areas - we're listening ;)

    02-20-2015 08:33 PM
  5. NikhilSreekandan's Avatar
    It's great to see you guys respond. :) Maybe am pushing it here but I gotta ask, am using Windows 10 as my daily driver... Will you guys be pushing out a more stable version soon? If so I would like to wait on downgrading back to 8.1
    02-23-2015 09:14 PM
  6. Master Mizzoo's Avatar

    Had to log in and share this with you guys.
    If your outside the USA and you want windows 10 pre release for your phone but don't like the fact that the Voice recognition is missing on the keyboard (little mic above the letters) and or is greyed out in settings.. Here's what fixed it for me. I'm in Canada. I installed the windows 10 package on my Lumina 830 and to my disappointment the most used feature for me was missing Cortana and the little mic on the keyboard for voice recognition. Turns out that when you upgrade from 8.1 if you leave your region and language set to anything else other than USA & USA ENGLISH you will not see CORTANA or the VOICE MIC on the keyboard. You need to change the region and language setting in WP8.1 prior to installing the 10 Pre-relese. once you change that in 8.1 then execute the upgrade both cortana and the mic will be there. (they both showed up after win10 installed and did 1 updated)
    10-02-2015 09:02 AM

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