1. Br1t's Avatar
    So I had forgotten several months ago that I added the insider app and signed up thinking no more about it with WP10 not available for my device.

    So today it download and notified me to install. But with all the issues I really don't want to on my daily driver. Problem is it doesn't appear I have a way to prevent the install. It says if not installed by the 18th it will do it automatically. The insider app doesn't have a toggle like preview for developers. Any suggestions?
    05-14-2015 09:20 PM
  2. Zulfigar's Avatar
    Yeah, but you won't like it... A hard reset, and when your phone is back up from your backup, uninstall the Windows Insider app until you feel ready to get the update.
    05-14-2015 09:28 PM
  3. Br1t's Avatar
    Well that's actually better than installing 10 and rolling back, not much better thou! Thanks for the suggestion, reset it is.
    05-14-2015 09:35 PM
  4. Zulfigar's Avatar
    No problem, and at least this way, you stay on 8.1 Update 2.
    05-14-2015 10:12 PM
  5. jdballard's Avatar
    You can also uncheck the option to auto-download in the preview for developers before resetting. Back up your phone, reset and restore from the backup after resetting. This saved the trouble of having to set up everything from scratch. Worked for me.
    05-16-2015 12:34 AM

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