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    Hi Eveyone
    Via this post I would like to share my experience with Windows 10 TP 10080 on Lumia 930.
    Why is in title mentioned second chance? Simply because I decided to give second chance to Windows 10 TP 10080 on main Lumia 930 which is by the way my phone for my business and private use.
    First attempt of installing WP 10 TP over Windows 8.1 Update 2 is done immediately after is become available and to be honest this was big mistake, I did not be prepared in terms that some apps content I did not backed up, for this I blame my self and app developers that via apps not provide automatic backup to some cloud storage, regardless which one. Generally knowing Microsoft I was expect that upgrading will goes well I did not think that something can goes wrong.
    As you probably think first attempt did not finish well, immediately after first restart during upgrade phone is stuck in endless reboot, not finishing upgrade at all. Soft reset, volume down + power button, not be helpfull at all, only option was factory restart (and this was moment when I realized that I did not perform app content backup). After factory restart, vol down + power then continue with holding vol down.... W10TP is finally be installed on my L930 but without apps. During set it up newly installed phone I am decide to restore backup and again I will regret. Why, for some reason restoring backup from One Drive did not pass well since I was not be able to see start screen, constantly is standing loading, same issue recognized by folks on WindowsCentral forum. Couple of soft reset which I am performs on phone finally bring Star screen back but in full mess comparing with how should look like (how was look like on WP8.1 U2. Then I am decide to rollback WP8.1 via Windows Phone Recovery Tool, again problem WPRT simply did not want to recognize phone at all, again soft reset did not help and only option was new factory reset but this time during newly set it up phone procedure I did not perform restoring procedure and instead of that as soon is start screen pop up I am plug it phone to USB port, start it WPRT and then new suprise. WPRT is recognizing phone without problem but only option was it to reinstall software on phone, same version on phone and on Microsoft servers. Browsing on WindowsCentral forum for this issue and post it someone answer it that this is know issue and that freely I can click on reinstall and I am do it that. After downloading software, installing procedure, restoring backup everything was like before from point of experience beside WP 8.1 version, in that moment installed version was Update 1. For installing Update 2, I needed again to run Windows Insider app and choose Fast track. After successfull installation of Update 2 everything is back to normal.
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    05-16-2015 09:20 AM
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    I do not know for what is related, for phone or for Windows Central app but while I was writing upper post via WC app, let say I was stay out of space, I needed to press send button and start writing new post.
    Where I stop, everything back to normal, great.
    But then I am notice that I am again able to download W10TP 10080 upgrade, reason for that is procedure of getting Update 2.
    In first moment I am decide to postpone installation but as someone who like to play with newly available editions of OSs regardless is it on desktop, tablet and other devices I am click on install and this time upgrade procedure is finish as it should, without any issue and for now, almost half a day, everything is fine, hopefully it will stay like that.
    That is, for now I am on WP10 TP.
    05-16-2015 09:32 AM

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