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    So last night I decided to make the plunge into Windows 10 for my Icon. Here's how it went:

    Upgrade from Verizon-approved 8.1: Error during the "preparing for update" part. Error 80096010. Can't find much on that error, but according to desktop Windows Update, it might be an issue with certificates. Went for the hard reset.

    Hard Reset attempt: Did the phone's reset, with the volume down button trick. Then attempted update and was greeted with a blue screen and a frowny face instead of spinning gears. Had to recover with Windows Phone Recovery Tool.

    Recovery Tool attempt 1: Did the reset, went smoothly. Did not attach a Windows account, did not install/remove any apps, just straight to Windows Insider and then attempt upgrade again. This time I got to the gears, but after 30 minutes or so, got a black screen with a grey frowny face and reboot loop. Recovered again with Windows Phone Recovery Tool.

    Recovery Tool attempt 2: Did the reset, went smoothly. This time I removed all apps that I could and rebooted a couple times before trying the Insider. I also let the phone cool down a bit, since it was a little warm by this point, and then went for it. Again, got to the spinning gears for around 30 minutes, and then black screen with grey frowny face.

    It's sounding more and more like I've got some bad hardware on my hands. Maybe some bad flash cells in the NAND, or maybe a case of bad RAM. However, just thought I'd post here for any other things I could try. For instance, I seem to be able to put an image on the device with the Recovery Tool just fine, so is there a way for me to get a Windows 10 build as a .wim image and shove it on there?


    06-17-2015 05:33 PM
  2. Angry Pixel's Avatar
    You are not the only one. I'm also facing issues while updating my lumia 1520 last night.
    1) I tried to upgrade from GDR2 to 136 update but instead got 84 and was not able to find any update in phone update after that. Installed Windows insider, selected the fast ring and now i got one update. But attduring the spinning gears part, it showed low battery error and turned off. I plugged in a charger and then tried again, gears started spinning again and then just before it could finish it showed sad face error.
    2) I flashed the 8.1 to recover the phone as it was stuck in that sad face part. Then i charged my phone to around 70% and tried again. First update after 8.1 went smoothly but second update again screwed the phone. During spinning gears part of installation of 136 update, it showed the battery low sign and turned off. After i plugged in a charger, it restated a couple of times, reached nokia logo and then windows logo few times and then finally started. It was still windows 8.1 with error that there was a problem installing the update, please try again. I thought battery was the issue but i could see that battery was around 65%. I dont get it, isnt that enough to install the update.
    First time i had memory card and sim in the phone. Thus i thought they must be causing some issue. Thus second time i removed both memory card and sim.Yet no difference. Can anyone guide me with the exact steps they followed to successfully update their 1520.

    OP: sorry if it feels like hijacking the thread but i thought we have similar problems so it would be better if people who know some fix/solution can focus on one thread for multiple queries.
    06-17-2015 09:17 PM

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