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    Hi everyone,
    I have found a problem with the App corner. Activating it and closing the corner with the swipe caused It to crash.
    the result was missing live folders on the start screen. Checking in the App List the individual programs are all marked as pinned to the start screen though.
    The spaces of the live folders are blank and can be used by other apps.
    A work around to get them back was to create a new live folder with 2 items on the start screen.
    After creating the first live folder it created basically the my first ever live folder just without name. So I guess it indexed the live folder again with all apps inside.
    put them out of the live folder and pin them together again into a folder and it will create the second ever live folder you have.
    this way you can recreate live folders and get all the tiles back until the newest live folder is the first folder bigger than the previous amount of folders.
    in that case you will create a live folder with just the two items inside

    My Outlook tiles disappeared again but I was not sure if this happened at the same time. This can simply be repined within the outlook app. - since it is not in the app list either you can get to it via the calendar app and the email icon at the bottom
    06-22-2015 04:59 AM

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