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    Hey everyone,

    If you haven't read about my sad saga of updating to WP10M TP and hating it, but not being able to roll back to 8.1 for some odd technical reason, I found a solution (last ditch one) that worked great and was very easy- made possible by a thread I found in xda developers.

    If you are stuck on 10080 (or other) and can't get the MS WPRT to work for you I can tell you that it was very easy and pain free to reflash the phone using their method. It's a risk of course. You could brick your phone and I take no responsibility for things going wrong. But I can tell you if you follow the easy directions it works without a hitch.

    Here is the link:

    [Tutorial] How to flash an Lumia device | Windows Phone 8 Development and Hacking | XDA Forums

    Don't let the length of the post and step scare you. Its just very thorough..

    Thanks to anaheim for the great, simple to follow, instructions that probably took him days to create.

    If you go for it, a couple things..

    -Basically, follow the directions exactly (It went just as described for me)
    -Read them a couple times first and get familiar with the steps
    -Know the ROM on your phone and the one (if different) you want to install before you begin (Instructions in the thread)
    -Look at the step-by=step screen shots as you are going along with the flash. It helps to know what to expect.

    The ONLY thing that happened that wasnt anticipated in the steps was that when you plug your phone to your computer it will install a driver on its own (one he didnt mention). Let it completely install BEFORE you continue with the next step in the flashing process. (He didnt mention that this other driver would install so it was a bit of shock but no biiggy)

    Good Luck & sorry for being cranky the past week. I hated WP10!

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