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    So today I was listening to music with the music app and at other times using the mytube app to play some shows that I listen to in audio mode while wearing my headphones when Cortana started doing her thing when I was receiving text messages.

    Normally this feature on Win 8.1 has been pretty good as the music or other similar app would pause when Cortana would do her thing and ask if I wanted to read it or ignore the text. Then the music app etc would resume most of the time after done interacting with Cortana.

    However today with Windows 10 and my Nokia 1520 it just didn't want to work smoothly at all.
    Sometimes the music would keep starting and stopping as Cortana was speaking.
    Sometimes Cortana would say the prompt and then another "do you want me to read it or ignore it" would come through as she was still speaking.

    It was pretty annoying as I use the feature to interact without getting my phone out when I am working on equipment, am greasy, have gloves on etc.

    I might actually have to put Windows 8.1 back on for a bit now that I got to play with Windows 10 again (I had the last build on my Icon).

    It is a bummer because the way I have Windows 10 set up on my phone right now looks great and I like many of the new features in Office, the keyboard, photo app etc.

    If people are NOT having this issue I was wondering about trying one more hard reset with Windows 10.

    I'd really miss these new features.
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    06-23-2015 10:35 PM
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    Oh yeah, another feature that was wacked is when you ask Cortana something like for a phone number of a business or what is there to eat around here. Things I use DAILY!

    The functionality is hit and miss and when it works it looked GREAT with the new on screen prompts but when it don't work when you really need it that sucks.

    I do have Windows 10 on my spare Nokia Icon so I guess I'll roll back the 1520 I use daily out in the field.

    I did my share of reporting bugs and rating the good stuff and will not hesitate to try the next build. :-)
    06-23-2015 10:40 PM

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