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    Hi everyone,

    I'm sure if you've been a fellow Windows Phone 8/8.1 user, you must've encountered those annoying "Resuming..." and/or "Loading..." screens sometime during your app navigation/experience. It's none of a major concern to some of us but to others, it's really disturbing to keep getting annoyed by these while multitasking or during resuming an app from a suspended state. Microsoft's failure in solving those issues in Windows Phone 8/8.1 raises a major question whether or not it'll be finally solved in Windows 10 Mobile. But, at any case we don't want to take chances, do we? I've been testing the latest build on my secondary phone and it exists. While I know Windows 10 Mobile is in it's initial stage of development and Microsoft might look into these issues later, but I also believe that there's a need for Microsoft to realize how big this issue is. So why not voice our opinion? And I'm sure Microsoft always listens to Uservoice suggestions. Please vote in the below link if you support the idea (suggested the idea on 6/25/15)

    VOTE HERE: Remove "Resuming..." and "Loading..." in Windows 10 Mobile - Features Suggestions for Windows Phone


    Remove "Resuming..." and "Loading..." in Windows 10 Mobile

    "Resuming..." and "Loading..." screens while navigating apps can be really annoying at times, when you're multi-tasking and you want to resume an app after keeping it idle for a while, these screens pop up. The most frustrating part of the problem is that, after showing those annoying screens for a couple of seconds, it doesn't even resume to the point you left off but it basically restarts the app. Poor memory management. This also questions the way Windows Phone manages apps memory while multi-tasking. We need better multi-tasking. We are end-users. We can't afford to care whether it's a problem with old Silverlight apps or apps that ain't Silverlight at all. Either update the system in Windows 10 to avoid the issue or make a way to update all the apps for fast resuming (which is more difficult than the former). Also, it's not just a problem with low-memory devices. These screens exist even on my Lumia 930, a high-end Windows phone. Hence, I'm sure it's a software/OS problem and can be resolved in Windows 10.
    It’s noteworthy that it not only frustrates the loyal Windows phone users but also the Android / iOS users who've recently jumped ship to Windows Phone. It gives a really bad impression.

    A group of Windows Phone users
    06-26-2015 01:04 AM
  2. svaethier's Avatar
    Resuming is barely there in 10149 now with the new app launching animation ;)
    06-26-2015 01:08 AM

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