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    I am facing a very weird issue with my Nokia Lumia 925. Actually I have installed Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10149. After installing this OS my phone, my phones battery has gone fully discharged. When I plugged my phone in charging then my phone started showing sad face and started rebooting endlessly. I tried Windows Phone recovery tool software to restore my phone. Now the problem is this tool doesnt work below 25% battery power level. And funny thing is you cannot charge Lumia 925 by switching off your mobile. And my phone has got stuck in endless rebooting mode it means every time when I put my phone on charging it starts rebooting endlessly. I thought let the phone reboot endlessly and I put my phone on charging, so my phone might get charged little bit. But it never happened. I left my phone on charging for 6 hours and in this period it rebooted endlessly. Even after all this my phone has never get charged. Even I cannot just remove the battery and charge externally because Lumia 925 doesnt have user replaceable battery. So eventually I fall under the catch 22 situation. Now my phone is dead. And I love my phone more than my life. Trust Me. What am I suppose to do?

    PS- I have posted the same on Windows Insider too and I am told to take my phone to the service centre. I don't want to do this since my phone is out of warranty so they will charge unnecessary money from me. If any one here who can help me out in some manner the I would be very obliged to him /her. Please guys help me out.
    07-01-2015 02:14 AM

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