1. smruti tripathy's Avatar
    OS version 10.0.10149.0
    My wifi and cellular data are not working.when i click on wifi tab in notififcation center,nothing happens and inside settings when i try to switch it on,it says " cant do this right now .try again in a little while.If the problem continues ,restart your phone and try again" I have restarted several times but of no use.Cellular data also I am not able to use.Please help,without wifi and cellular data what is the use of smart phone.
    07-06-2015 05:29 AM
  2. Snowy Nokia's Avatar
    Yeah had a similar issue today.
    Just enter your networks apn settings manually, that will do the trick.
    Seems to be an issue from access point app. Concerning WiFi, not sure what the issue is.
    07-06-2015 05:53 AM
  3. mclowney's Avatar
    I am having the same problem. How do I manually enter the apn.
    07-08-2015 07:12 AM
  4. Teo Bartulovic's Avatar
    No problems on my 925 so I'm pretty sure it is not phone related...

    BTW: Extras / Access point...
    07-08-2015 07:48 AM
  5. Zeikfried's Avatar
    I had that issue this morning. I ended up doing a factory reset and the issue was fixed. Unfortunately, you need to reinstall everything and whatnot.

    You enter the APN in Settings > Network and Wireless >Cellular and Sim. This wasn't an option for me.
    07-08-2015 03:11 PM

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