1. Juan Manuel San Martin's Avatar
    Hello everyone,

    I have a few questions.

    I've been an insider and testing the desktop version of W10 for a few months, and finally yesterday I got myself a Windows Phone (Lumia 535) after my Lumia 630 failed (1 month after purchase, due to a power surge the connector fried, and can't be fixed in my city) , while not the best phone, it's what I could afford.

    That said, I downloaded the Insider app, and selected Slow ring just to see how it goes before going to fast ring. It downloaded correctly albeit slowly, the problem I encountered was that during install it kept the screen black doing nothing. Tried a hard reset, and it got stuck in a cogs loop, ending in a :-( everytime.

    Thankfully I found a tutorial on how to use Windows Phone App for Desktop to resurrect it (It's my only phone, so it was a big loss). I'm back to my "Personal Argentina" branded rom. Tho I'm not happy with it.

    What remains now is either I messed up somehow, or my phone isn't compatible with the upgrade?

    1) Either way, could someone please tell me if the phone is compatible, and if so, what should I do to upgrade correctly? , should I go Slow or Fast ring?

    2) And is there a chance of a permanent brick if it happens again, or can I always salvage it with this way?.

    3) Anyone that has this phone, could recommend the number of an unbranded flash? , I saw one that said something about GLOBAL SWAP and didn't know what it meant, the only other one not branded I see is "PWBASSY LIGHT SWAP ENGINE GLOBAL" Could I get information on this, will either of those work, or are they for some other function, what does the name mean, etc.

    Thank you so much in advance, and please help :)

    07-10-2015 10:42 AM
  2. Nishad Thakur's Avatar
    i use 535 on w10 10149
    you should have waited for the installing it take LOT OF TIME around hour depending upon your old data from windows phone 8.1

    i suggest you to not to go with insider preview because it will cost you another phone and you dont have any technical care center near you

    but if you want then follow this
    1)backup your data from 8.1 to onedrive
    2}format 8.1 and dont install your backup yet start fresh
    3)download insider app and enroll to fast or slow ring which ever you want its the same
    4)go to phone update and check for update if you are not on GDR 2 it may be downloaded or it will skip
    5)download W10m and give it time to install it here you will see cog wheels
    6)if it install dont sign in yet
    7)HARD RESET at this point to make sure things run smoothly
    8)then you will again encounter cog wheels
    9)if goes well you will be user of W10m build10149
    07-10-2015 11:39 AM

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