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    I want to jump in again to W10 on my primary phone (L1520). I did the first time when the tech preview first launched and went back to W8.1 since it was a huge mess. I'm currently installing build 10166 on my back up phone (L635) as I type this. But I have a few question for those of you running build 10166 on your L1520.

    1. Does Hey Cortana work yet?
    2. Does it still take 80 years for the photos to populate in the photos app?
    3. How's the battery life?
    4. Have all of you had to do a hard reset to get build 10166 to work properly?
    5. Have all of you needed to not load a backup once you did a hard reset to get build 10166 to work best?
    6. Are there any serious bugs that hamper the experience or are just annoying.

    I would like to be able to migrate all my stuff and not start from scratch if need be. But if everyone really suggests and recommends to start the phone off fresh with a hard reset and no back up then I will.
    07-11-2015 05:29 PM
  2. ziggygod's Avatar
    In case anyone cares I installed build 10166 on my spare phone (L635) and my daily driver (L1520). On the L635 Windows 10 definitely works but it is a bit slow and cumbersome. On the L1520 it is definitely a smooth and quick build but there are a few nuances and complaints I have about it.

    1. Unlocking the phone for the first time on a fresh boot does make it show the loading screen when unlocking and having the phone go to the start screen. Sometimes the screen messes up and I have to unlock it twice to get to the start screen.
    2. Swiping down to get the action/notification menu does lag from time to time.
    3. Some icons when pinned show nothing. Onenote just shows for me a purple box with no icon.
    4. I still can't connect my Office 365 account with Cortana on my phone or on my SP3 that also has build 10166.
    5. New photos sometimes takes a while to generate in photos. Not a fan that we no longer can mark photo as favorites. I am also not a fan that we can't set the live tile for photos to use my favorite images as before.
    6. When pinning new icons sometimes I need to hit the home button two times or leave and come back for the new pinned icon to appear.
    7. Not a fan Outlook just yet. It doesnt always pull my e-mails when they arrive even though I have it set to that option. I dislike that you also can't combine inboxes. Outlook also crashes from time to time. Sometimes I will have to reboot the phone to get Outlook to work.
    8.The battery life isn't as great as it was on 8.1 Update 2 but its not bad either. It just seems like I'm getting 1-2 hours less than I'm normally used too.
    9. When holding the search button while the phone is locked, sometimes the screen wont unlock but Cortana will still make her sound and let me talk to her to make a text or something. But the screen won't show Cortana, just my lock-screen's wallpaper.
    10. Sometimes when changing my start screen's wallpaper it won't make the change. So I need to reboot the phone and select the photo again for it to make the change.
    11. The people hub currently only shows my twitter feed under what's new.I also dislike that we lost the ability to swipe to the right on a contact and see just their feeds on Skype, Twitter, and Facebook.
    12. Don't like that there is not an option to set or change the sounds of any notification.
    13. Some apps crash every once in a while. Such as Edge, Office Suite. Facebook, Spotify, Weather, and Photos are the ones that have crashed on me so far.

    But other than all those nuances and complaints that I have on Windows 10 Mobile Build 10166, I do enjoy it much more on my L1520 and L635. I would definitely recommend this build as a daily driver, but just keep in mind on what I listed above.
    07-13-2015 02:30 AM
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    Installed 10166 on my 1520. Everything went well. This build appears much smoother and faster than 10149. Also, Store is a huge improvement - I haven't faced any problems there. The apps that needed updating got updated in the background.

    Few issues that I have noticed are:
    - new mail indication on the live tiles. This is not consistent. There are times I get the new mail indications but it does not happen always.
    - Tapping mail tile takes you back to start screen at times. This has carried over from 10149.
    - I am not sure if people app brings in contacts from Linkedin. In 8.1, I could see the option under settings in Contacts. It is not there in People. Not sure if this is being done thru my Live.com profile.

    Other than that, Hey Cortana is not available still. Still irritating to see all those app 'open' in the background when I keep the back button pressed...guess this will get sorted out...not a showstopper though.

    Improvements are visible in tile/screen animations, settings for back ground apps are now available (I was not able to access these in 10149). Edge is great. Haven't come across any performance issues so far. Keyboard is simply the best. Glance and double tap wakeup seems to be working fine. Haven't noticed any issue with battery life. Battery app on my phone has not shown anything unusual so far.

    It is nice to see the similarity in settings options on mobile and desktop.

    Overall, much improved experience from 10149. This 1520 is my main device and I am happy with the experience so far. This is shaping up well.
    07-13-2015 09:57 AM
  4. Singhb's Avatar
    I missed mentioning mail app. It is still nowhere near that on 8.1 as far as one being able to pin individual folders to start screen is concerned. I have both outlook mail and yahoo mail configured and inbox for both pinned to start screen. Tapping anyone of them takes you to the same folder- one that was opened last. So my outlook mail inbox tile takes me to my yahoo mail inbox most of the time. Is there a problem with the way I have configured my mail???
    07-14-2015 02:58 AM

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