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    First i have directly updated from windows 8.1 to 10166, previously i havent installed windows previews. When upgraded from 8.1 faced a lot bugs. Couldnt type anything using keyboard. I have done several times soft resets but that hasn't worked. Finally went to settings>reset phone. After resetting phone windows is performing like an ease on my Lumia 730.
    1.Smooth UI interface
    2.camera is very good
    3.battery is good, iam on Preview since 12 hours and battery is performing very well same as on 8.1. Things i have did to increase battery life is go to settings>privacy>background apps>disabled all unused apps.
    Microphone>disabled all the useless apps
    wifi>turn off wifi sense
    Location>turned off
    motion> turn off motion.

    4.Store has improved alot.
    5.Animations are smooth and cool

    Cons :
    1. Sometimes while taking a screenshot it says couldn't take a screenshot.
    2. Delay in store, while updating apps and downloading the apps. It takes much time to install the apps after downloading.

    Overall its cool preview, But still has to improved in some portions. If u want to run preview smoothly on your device, Do hard reset and install preview. I would recommend it on the primary phone only if you do a hard reset and wipe off all your data.
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    07-12-2015 03:50 AM

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