1. mj95's Avatar
    Installed build 10166 on my L520 , its very stable giving better performance
    apps working good .
    Ploblem is with store app its opening but not downloading the apps and since 10 hrs it has 21 downloads in queue , I tried pausing all then resuming all , also cancelling all and updating my apps again does not work.
    anyone have this prlm or fixed it with a remedy ?
    07-12-2015 01:12 PM
  2. Axeelant's Avatar

    Not the same issue but i can't install some apps like onenote. Says: Sorry, there's been a problem on our end. Keep trying and it never works. Does the new store find 8.1 apps too? Cuz i can't install Perfect clock app, not sure if it only works on WP10.

    PS: Istalled word, excel and powerpoint preview with no problem..
    Anyone else?
    07-12-2015 02:38 PM

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