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    Outlook Mail is finally gaining some momentum in the latest builds, but it's not there yet. One issue I have is with an Outlook sub-account which I've used to subscribe to a number of mail-lists. This folder is otherwise working fine, but the way mail-list emails used to come in was with the original poster's individual email address in the "from" field, and mail-list address in the "to" field. And it still looks that way as I read emails. But when I either "reply" or "reply to all", outlook fills in the alias of the individual OP in the "to" field. But when you select it, rather than the individual address, it appears to be the mail-list address. Which would be okay, assuming I didn't want to take the exchange private. But it also appears to strip out my reply, resulting in an essentially identical copy of the OP's text being emailed (forwarded?) again to the mail-list, this time under my signature. And this mash-up of mail-list and OP addresses is reflected also in the contact info. I have an entry for contacts who also subscribe to the mail-list, each of whom has that mail-list address displayed where their private address should be. It is an irritating problem, because depending on the size of the mail-list, it is widely broadcast. HELP!
    07-14-2015 03:26 PM

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