1. rponting's Avatar
    I tried installing windows 10 mobile twice on my phone. Each time the phone was on gears for about an hour. And i got an error later that please try again... Cant install now. I'm so upset.
    07-18-2015 12:46 AM
  2. NACEOD's Avatar
    I had the same problem. I ended up using the Lumia Software Recovery Tool to reset my 520. I skipped installing a backup. I installed only the Windows Insider app and signed up for the fast ring. It will install Phone 8.1 updates and finally Windows 10. I then installed the other apps one at a time. It took a long time but it runs pretty smooth with no locking up or freezes.
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    07-18-2015 01:30 AM
  3. rponting's Avatar
    I will try doing that... But I really don't wanna lose my game data... I will post how it goes... How's w10m running on your 520?
    07-18-2015 10:17 AM
  4. NACEOD's Avatar
    It runs fairly smooth. There are some delays opening apps but no more than with 8.1. All of the apps I use ran fine after installing them.

    The most noticeable improvement is turn by turn navigation with the Microsoft Map app is reliable with no freezes or restarts. Here Drive and Maps apps would randomly freeze, close and lock up my 520 with 8 and 8.1 before installing 10166.
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    07-19-2015 09:37 AM

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