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    I am an Windows Insider program member from April, and had previously used all the build version. Recently I have also upgraded to the new build 10166. Following are the issues I am facing, from begining. Though I didn't tried highlighting these issues, as I thought bugs would be fixed in the next update. But, since Win 10 desktop version is coming and Win 10 Phone OS seems to be stabled a lot, I should post these issues.
    Though I doubt whether this is Phone Issues or Win 10 issues. I am having Nokia Lumia 730 Dual Sim, and I am from India. Issues are as below:

    1. Facebook App not allowing me to Log In
    Whenever I am trying to open the Facebook App, the log in screen is coming. As I try to enter the UID and PWD, a message is showing, " Sorry. Something went wrong. Please try again." Even after repeated tries, this issues has not been resolved, since all the builds from April, 2015. Though I am regularly using the Facebook Messenger App. It's working fine. I tried to delete the Facebook App and again install it from store, still the problem exists.

    2. People App not opening
    The People app is completely new thing for any Win 8.1 users. From the day I started using the Windows Phone builds, this app is not at all opening. Whenever I try to open this app, instead of lauching the app is abruptly closing. My phone is not haning, but the People app is closing abruptly. Even I have tried to use it from the phone app. There is a button to open and search contact details from the People app. Whenever I start typing a name in the search box the app is closing abruptly. Whenever I need to call someone new, I am opening the message app, trying to send him a message. Luckily the phone number is visible.. I am writting it down somewhere else and then calling it froom the Phone app !!!

    3. Cortana not available
    I don't know whether Cortana is available for Nokia Lumia 730 in India. If yes, then please share me how to get it. I have tried a lot by setting the region as UK, Language as UK(English). Even tried to download speech of UK(English). It always fails to download the UK(English) speech. I am eagerly waiting to get hands-on with the Cortana.

    Trying Soft Reset and Hard Reset has not given me any solution to these problems. I havn't counted how many times I had to soft reset or sometimes hard reset it due to various bugs in the previous build version. Though these problems persisted since April, 2015. I will be highly grateful, if anyone shares how to fix them. Or if same issues are still existing in the latest build of Win 10 Phone.

    Thank You.
    07-18-2015 12:00 PM

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