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    What happens: you make a scroll move on the display but the phone reacts to it as it were a tap. Annoying. You can see this problem in action on a Lumia 1520 at 0:48 here

    Ive noticed this problem on almost every Windows Phone 8 phones I owned: 1520, 930 and now on the Lumia 640. The 1520 was the worst, 930 came in second, the 640 is okay. Also, I owned two 1520-s (one got stolen, another one lost... :| Man, do I miss this phone despite this problem!).

    As I have a backup Sony Xperia Z Ultra I can say: I never ever had the scroll/tap problem on the Sony device. My educated guess: the Lumia 1520 does have a hardware flaw yes, but Windows Phone seems to have generally a problem with scroll/tap interpretation. My Lumia 640 is now running on 10166. The problem seems to get worse if many apps are opened and the RAM gets full (especially in Readit-s comments section). If this happens, I just manually shut down every app I am not using right now and it gets immediately better. But not always. Sometimes, only a restart helps.

    What is your experience?
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    07-24-2015 04:54 AM
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    I've been using a 1520 for about a month. The issue you mentioned is absolutely the number one issue annoys me the most. Can it be fixed?
    09-29-2015 05:42 AM

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