1. Mike Nelson5's Avatar
    Hey guys so I have been a WP user since it's inception and I am well aware of the problems with IE on WP. In WP7 the lack of mobile web sites but overall decent WP 8 had good mobile support but suffered page rendering issues, auto resume of videos in the website very frustrating and then we have 8.1 me and my wife have both experienced unclickable clickable links and I have had uncontrolled pop ups rendering a web page useless many times because it isn't optimized and I can't see the close tab on the screen. My dad a long time ios user then switched to Android but now uses a WP was recently traveling around the world and need his phone to book a ticket he relys on the mobile web pages because WP doesn't have the 4 exclusive apps he needs flika, a flight status app, and id90 along with a VoIP call message app. He went to book a ticket on id90 moble site and all went well but when he got to the end to buy the ticket he got the dreaded non clickable, clickable link at the end he tried uc browser but couldn't get it to work either. He then proceeded to whip out his Android phone and it worked flawlessly with the stock browser. My question is do any of you see Edge as a browser Microsoft has to get right because of the lack of apps. He is content to use mobile web because of the lack of apps but dam when that doesn't work either it's a problem. I guess it's worth mentioning he tried opera later and it did work but he said the browser was buggy. We should not have to rely on other browser apps to get the most basic tasks right. He found no alternatives in the app store for any of the flight apps he uses on android or ios they are all severely limited in comparison. He has managed through the mobile web and has generally been happy because he likes WP but if this doesn't get fixed i think he's a gonner, he has made to many sacrifices with WP to make this kind of crap bearable and I don't blame him. I have build 10166 running and Edge seems to be great in all the places IE 11 was not but we shall see.
    07-24-2015 08:54 AM
  2. drew_t's Avatar
    Edge on my 640 isn't as bad as IE on my 635, but I am still experiencing lots of pages that spontaneously reload after I start scrolling down, then after this happens a few times it pops up a message that tells me that I have better things to do than watch the page not load, so it's giving up. Not very impressive.
    07-24-2015 12:29 PM

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