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    I recently installed the latest (10166) Windows 10 build on my Lumia 930 without any issues. I tried doing the same on my 435 and it's a complete mess! The "update" succeeded most of the way. The phone then switched off and switched back on to begin installing the update. It's at this stage that it continues to fail! The phone boots up with the Microsoft logo, then goes to the spinning gears animation and then turns off after a few seconds.

    No matter what I try, this process repeats itself. I've tried using the recovery tool but it never detects the phone's connection. Anyone else had similar issues?
    07-28-2015 03:58 AM
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    Basic question: Do you have it plugged in to power outlet. If the battery doesn't have sufficient charge, the update will fail.
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    07-28-2015 08:14 AM
  3. Gardos's Avatar
    It was on charge during the update process so the battery is full and even when placed on charge now, the same thing keeps happening. Only difference is that when on charge, the phone resets in a never-ending loop. If not plugged in it just fails once and turns off (until I try again).
    07-29-2015 03:57 AM
  4. Sedp23's Avatar
    U have to flash it back to 8.1 then go to windows 10. Use the windows phone recovery tool for that. There's a bug in updating to 10166. I had the same issue on my 640

    Try this i did this with the windows phone recovery tool and it worked no problem took about 15 mins

    OK, this is how I recover my device (It happens to me many times as I come back and Forth from 8.1 to 100xx)
    You Will have to put it in UEFI mode

    1. Remove Battery from Device or Just Turn It Off, and keep it Off
    2. Do not Connect Device to PC yet
    3. Fire up WPRT and Select that Your Device cannot be Discovered and then Select Lumia Device and Put WPRT In Discovery mode
    4. While keeping pressed the Volume Down Button, Plug your Device to your PC
    5. WPRT will find your Device in UEFI mode, release the Volume Down button and you are set

    07-30-2015 04:57 AM
  5. Prady Z's Avatar
    I faced same issue twice with 435. Not trying third time!
    Yes, My phone was connected to charger all the time.
    08-14-2015 07:15 AM

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